Saturday, 25 April 2020

Part of Elk Temple’s 1st Birthday Celebration





8 pm show

All ages welcome

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About Quasi


What is a band?  What is a band for?  What is Rock and Roll?  What is pop?  How about anti-pop?  Is it possible to move forward backwards?  At what point are too much and not enough exactly the same?  How many (band) years does it take to screw in a lightbulb that isn't actually a lightbulb?  What is a band for?  What is a band against? Quasi, at home in the global underground for a hundred years.  Resumes? We don't need no stinking resumes. 




About Slang


A new rock group, hailing from Portland, Oregon. 

Drew Grow, Janet Weiss, Anita Lee Elliot & Kathy Foster


About WEPA


Malo Castro, voted twice as "Best Percussionist" at the Kitsap County Music Awards, he adds the Latin clave and spice to music ensembles throughout the Northwest! With authenticity and keen musicality, Malo is comfortable playing in musical settings from rock, to jazz to Latin and Brazilian music. He has created several groups in the area, including Trombanga and Clave con Jazz; and has worked with the prestigious Johnny Conga. Malo is the founder, manager and "Papa" of Wepa!


About Shpilkis

Shpilkis Shpilkis! is Seattle’s 7-piece klezmer brass band bringing you old-school Yiddish grooves with tuchus-shaking energy. Shpilkis: a Yiddish word for “ants in your pants” or “nervous energy.” Our ancestors in the old country had it. You have it too. The only remedy is to dance. And dance, you will. We play bars, clubs, backyards, front yards, weddings, poly commitment ceremonies, b'nei mitzvot, and your child's bris. Or skip the snip, we'll play anyway.


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