Thursday, February 20, 2020

Maurice and The Stiff Sisters

Kennedy School - Gymnasium

7 - 9 pm


All ages welcome

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About Maurice and The Stiff Sisters


Maurice and The Stiff Sisters

With their own blend of pure pop for now people, Maurice and the Stiff Sisters is made from only the finest local ingredients.  

Inspired by troubadours such as Nick Lowe, Robyn Hitchcock and Jonathan Richman along with horn-powered soul and rock 'n roll, Maurice and the Stiff Sisters push the boundaries in pursuit of fine songcraft. Filtered through the rose-tinted glasses of psychedelia and power-pop, the music weaves daring horn lines and serpentine guitar riffs through Merseybeat rockers and cheeky sambas. It's an undeniably upbeat, positively danceable affair.

The band's origins can be found in Chico, CA with frontman/songwriter Maurice Spencer and his lust for snapping audiences out of their navel-gazing slumber. His background in theater and music journalism was the spring-loaded platform that propelled him from curating song compilations and theatrical composition to an impresario fronting a bonafide live experience.

There's something rare in the grand cacophony of today's musical class: bands that provided a live experience. Not just a performance, not tuning for two minutes between songs, not offering excuses about why something sounded better in rehearsal the night before kind of affair, but a real experience. Something that people talk about afterwards; a group that melts faces, that puts on a showand that never forgets the whole purpose is to entertain so that for one short hour people could forget about their long, boring, meaningless hours working at the vape store, the karaoke bar, or the Tatertot Taco cart (which is amazing, everyone should go there...) and have an honest to goodness thing happen.

Every band needs a story. The Maurice and the Stiff Sisters story is that they put on a ripping live show. Sometimes people need to be told it's okay to fucking dance.

From their headquarters in Portland, Oregon, to their rural compound in picturesque Hockinson, Washington, Maurice and the Stiff Sisters add accelerants to the fire, smoke life to its filter and dance through the ashes. 

Maurice Spencer - vocals/guitar
Michael Doherty - bass guitar
Dave Shur - drums
Aaron Mattison - tenor saxophone
Bryant Byers - trombone

Future Historians, Ezra Bell, PWRHAUS, The Yule Logs, Salem Symphony Orchestra