Thursday, March 5, 2020

20/20 World of Rum Dinner

North Bank

7 pm

$95 per person

21 and over

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About 20/20 World of Rum Dinner

20/20 World of Rum Dinner

As we emerge from the rains of winter to welcome - let's be honest - the rains of spring, we're embracing the beverages of warmer climes - namely, rum! A global menu by Executive Chef Jamie Dundon will be paired with this global beverage, including cocktails and tasters, to warm you from the inside out as we chase sunny days and sultry nights.

And about that "20/20"...North Bank turns 20 in '20. Plus, hindsight - because you'll be so glad you came to this dinner.



McMenamins 3 Rocks Rum Wee Daiquiri
Amuse bouche

Mekhong Thai Spirit
Yum woon sen spicy glass noodle salad

Third – MEXICO
Mocambo 20 Year Rum
Banana leaf tamale with achiote jackfruit

The Real McCoy Four Square 14 Year Rum
Black cod fish cakes, fermented hot sauce, Caribbean slaw

Fifth – SPAIN
Dos Maderas 5+5 PX Triple-aged Rum
Pork tenderloin, dos mojos, roasted roots

Frank’s High Proof Rum coffee cocktail
3 Rocks Rum-mulberry gelato, hazelnut brittle & 3 Rocks whipped cream