Friday, January 17, 2020

Robert Sarazin Blake

Hotel Oregon - Cellar Bar

7 - 10 pm


21 and over

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About Robert Sarazin Blake

Folk singer

Robert Sarazin Blake

In 2017 Robt Sarazin Blake’s 12th release, the double album, ‘Recitative’ received an A- from legendary Rock Critic Robert Christgau: ‘'Chants that riff on the titles WORK, COUPLES, and SINGLE WOMEN are as instantly indelible as the Springsteen, Weill, Reed, and Van Morrison lifts woven in’. 

For 20+ years Blake has performed all over the US, Ireland & Germany.  His concerts are a mix of his material from his catalogue, new songs, and whatever the moment calls for. ‘Blake being a master of stage presence and completely at ease, he was capable of bringing the crowd to a complete silence. His ability to make a story out of a moment - a moment every audience member is a part of no less - is the one of the best forms of concert entertainment I’ve ever experienced.”

- Jess,

For this special run at Al’s Den, Blake’s usual recitative will be mixed with the unusual holiday songs from his one-man-show 'A Very Subdued Christmas'. He'll be joined by Lucky Brown on Trumpet and David Pender Lofgren on Drums.