Thursday, August 8, 2019

Soul Progression

Rock Creek Tavern

8 pm


All ages welcome

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About Soul Progression


Soul Progression

Are you ready for your Soul Progression?

Soul Progression is born of Portland's unbound music scene, charming audiences with its provocative sound at eminent Portland venues.

The band is comprised of five "Soulies" who lay down A musical fusion of soul, pop, blues, acoustic and funk: K'lyn Bain (lead vocals), Brian "B.B." Bays (lead guitar & vocalist), Timothy James (bassr & vocals), Dave Kelsay (drums), and with guest appearance by Vanessa Rodgers (backup vocals).

Soul Progression shares its essence and soulful acoustics on their 2013 self-titled EP recorded at Sound Lab and Golden Iris Studios. True to its name Soul Progression has appeared at multiple Cancer Foundation and other benefit shows.