Thursday, July 18, 2019

Sam Cooper

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About Sam Cooper

Sam Cooper

After several years as a member of three nationally-acclaimed bands - Horse Feathers, Jared Mees and Sean Flinn - musician Sam Cooper has gone rogue, channeling his multi-instrumentalism into a truly solo album titled, "Long Lost Love".  Like a prism breaking a beam of white light into its multitudinous parts, his poetic, metaphorically-dense songs unwind on the album with complex layers of self-harmony backed by himself on a dozen multi-tracked instruments, with assistance from drummer Nick Werth.  His mastery takes the phrase "multi-instrumentalist" to impressive excess:  guitars, piano, violin, accordion, banjo, bass, organ, mandolin and even the charango (a kind of Andean lute).  Oh, and he sings, too. 

Throughout 2012, Sam has been playing solo around town while building up a full band, an  organically-grown assemblage of musicians featuring Jake Maynard on guitar/vocals, Jake Hershman on bass/vocals, and Nick Werth on drums/vocals.  Like their seismic namesake, Sam Cooper & the Earthquakes aim to spread throughout the Northwest, leaving Richter-scale musical aftershocks in their wake...


About Stephanie Strange

Stephanie Strange

Stephanie Scelza was born to a pack of wolves and left howling on the doorstep of a human family in 1983. Her family realized she was different when she started singing before she could speak, and whisked her off to vocal lessons at the age of ten. She narrowly escaped a life of professional opera-singing when she found a guitar, quit her studies, and eloped with a band.

Never able to take herself seriously as a human being, Stephanie found solace in the blues, when she discovered she was able to howl away with impunity.

Suspicious of human classifications, Stephanie is hard-pressed to describe her music as a blend of funk, blues, and folk. She has tricked a wide array of respectable human musicians into playing music with her, none of whom she can remember by name, because that kind of thing isn't important to wolves.

You can find her padding around the Portland music scene with no particular directive beyond survival, and the desire to find a quiet place for a good, long howl.