Saturday, 04 May 2019


Shawn Parker

Baja Boy



All ages welcome

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Offering aggressive and witty lyricism steeped in chippy confidence, GLENN's energetic and anthemic brand of rap is a bare knuckled gut shot to the system. Hailing from Tacoma, WA., he is known widely for both his solo works and efforts within the trio of ILLFIGHTYOU.

About Shawn Parker

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About Baja Boy

Baja Boy

As Baja Boy, 16-year-old Christian Taylor has captured the hearts and souls of Washington’s music scene. After eating Taco Bell for two months straight, the name Baja Boy was given to Christian for his affection for the Baja Blast. When he is not eating Crunch Wrap Supremes, Baja Boy writes, produces and records groovy synth packed indie pop that has been wowing crowded basements and DIY venues all over the Pacific Northwest. Baja Boy’s dreamy swirling soundscape of music contains lyrics that are personal and relatable to, by all. Baja Boy placed 2nd in the 2019 Museum of Pop Culture's Soundoff Competition. His song “Lonely” has over 100,000 streams.


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