Friday, April 12, 2019

D. Pel and Strange Attractors

Wily Savage

Class M Planets

White Eagle Saloon & Hotel - White Eagle Saloon

9 p.m.

$7 in advance, $7 day of show

21 and over

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About D. Pel and Strange Attractors

Indie Folk

D. Pel and Strange Attractors D. Pel is the messenger, mouthpiece, and fall guy for the existential thoughts and narratives of Dan Pelley. The voice of Dan Pelley croons and growls, yells and professes in a manner that belongs naturally to him, honoring his roots, intertwining old-time folk with indie rock. Songs push through solemnity with celebration, and depression with love. The Strange Attractors are a chaotic conglomeration of supportive and talented players and friends. Their accompaniment provides rich texture and compelling dynamics to D. Pel’s intimate and austere approach. The results of such woolgathering and collaborative efforts are both visionary and nostalgic.

About Class M Planets

Anti-folk folk

Class M Planets

Class M Planets is a loose acoustic collective centered around the psychotropic anti-folk songs of long-time Oregon resident and pop troubadour, Adam Goldman.  Goldman's eighteen year incantation of outward-reaching pop has established its voice in Portland's thebrotheregg, a rock outfit once described by the London Sunday Times as standing, "...with one foot in a recognisable rock tradition and the other set squarely on the surface of the moon."   Following this tradition of thebrotheregg,  Goldman's Class M Planets combines an E.E. Cummings style kaleidoscope of tangled visions with a sonic background of post-psychedelia folk.