Thursday, March 7, 2019

Downhill Ryder

Old St. Francis School - Father Luke's Room

7 - 10 pm


All ages welcome

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About Downhill Ryder


Downhill Ryder

Downhill Ryder is a band of songwriters that blends acoustic and electric sounds on an eclectic rock landscape. Imagine the sound born from folk, classic rock and jazz... tones that dance, cry or rage set the foundation for powerful vocals to soar high above. Downhill Ryder delivers honest, heartfelt, compelling music.

"This rootsy five-piece [Downhill Ryder] was the big find of the [Bend Roots Revival] festival for me. ...the band offered up intriguing originals and covers..." -The Bulletin

Downhill Ryder's collaborative songwriting draws heavily upon life experiences to deliver clever lyrics and narratives in each song.

"The music behind the personal lyrics is strong..." -The Source Weekly

Kim Kelley (vocals and acoustic guitar), Matthew Finfer (electric guitars), John Allen (bass guitar), Don Williams (drums) and Lynda Beauchamp (vocals and percussion) combine genres to create a sound that is uniquely Downhill Ryder.

Downhill Ryder is based in Bend, OR. Give them a listen to hear something new.