Thursday, April 12, 2018

Biddy on the Bench

Rock Creek Tavern

8 p.m.


All ages welcome

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About Biddy on the Bench

Biddy on the Bench

Fittingly for an Irish band, Kevin, Nick and Noah met together for the first time at a "Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfetones" concert at Kells Irish Pub in Portland. Kevin and Nick, both hailing from Mentor, Ohio, have been playing together in various configurations for years at Irish festivals and pubs around the mid-west and east coast, while Noah, a native Oregonian with a musical background in bluegrass, choral music, and traditional Irish singing, has been a part of several ensembles around Portland and in his hometown of Estacada. Casey Dyer, the most recent addition to the group, has been performing Irish music regularly in the Portland area- his experience as a session musician added the final ingredient to the musical mélange that is "Biddy on the Bench". Realizing their collective potential, the four began practicing regularly and participating in local open mic and Irish music nights. "Biddy on the Bench" makes frequent appearances at The Highland Stillhouse, Feckin Brewery, and Maher's Pub. Kevin, Noah, Nick, and Casey look forward to expanding into the Portland music scene!