Saturday, January 6, 2018

Josephine Relli

White Eagle Saloon & Hotel - White Eagle Saloon

12 p.m.


All ages welcome

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About Josephine Relli

Josephine Relli

Captivating & alluring, there's a certain mystery behind the green-eyed songstress that is Josephine Relli. With songs that range from light-hearted to tragic, she makes her passions a priority when it comes to songwriting. Backed by her band, The Love Fools, she's made her start in the Oregon music scene by performing at Hawkins Cellars, Lange Winery, Methven Family vineyards, and the Portland Saturday Market in front of hundreds.

Showcasing her first song in an upcoming series of singles, Josephine Relli brings forward an upbeat song with a strong meaning behind it. In order to support her beliefs with animals and their treatment, and even just the entire world's needs, Make A Change promotes working to change for the better. This new single releases on World Animal Day, October 4th in the start of her Singles For Change.

"I wanted Make A Change to showcase all different aspects of change from the negative reasoning to the positive goals to strive for. It's meant for World Animal Day, but the song can refer to anything that needs some positive reinforcement and refinement."