Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Parson Red Heads

performing "What's the Story (Morning Glory)?" by Oasis in its entirety

The Moody Dudes

performing "Urban Hymns" by the Verve in its entirety

Nathan Trueb (of Tango Alpha Tango)

White Eagle Saloon & Hotel - White Eagle Saloon

9 p.m.

$10 in advance, $12 day of show

21 and over

About The Parson Red Heads

The Parson Red Heads

For The Parson Red Heads' 8th annual New Years Eve celebration at The White Eagle, they chose to go full on into the bombastic Brit-rock heart of the 90's - Oasis, and their seminal album "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?" As always, they will be performing chosen album from start to finish, diving deep into the details of the album, learning it as closely as possible to how it was presented. This is sure to be one of the most high energy, overdriven New Years Eve shows the band has put on so far - the album is full of huge rock songs like "Hello", "Roll With It", "Some Might Say", "Hey Now", and "Morning Glory" - married with massive power ballads ("Wonderwall", "Don't Look Back in Anger", "Champagne Supernova"). It's the definition of a classic, and the Parsons can't wait to play it for you on New Years Eve!

About the band:

Blurred Harmony is the 4th studio full-length album from indie psych-folk stalwarts, The Parson Red Heads. It is the overdriven jangle of Teenage Fanclub and Big Star power-pop, the skewed psychedelics of the Paisley Underground, the bittersweet energy of New Zealand's "Dunedin Sound" movement, and the muted twang of Cosmic Americana, all crammed into 44 minutes. It will be released on June 9 by Fluff and Gravy Records (US) and You Are The Cosmos (Europe).

As the band's frontman, Evan Way puts it, "This record is more a true part of us than any record we have made before - we put ourselves into it, made ourselves fully responsible for it. Even the themes of the songs are more personal than ever - it's an album dealing with everything that has come before. It's an album about nostalgia, about time, change, about the hilarious, wonderful, bittersweet, sometimes sad, always incredible experience of living. Sometimes it is about regret, or the possibility of regret. These are big topics, and to us, it is a big album, yet somehow still intimate and honest."