Friday, November 17, 2017

CPR Fall Brewers Dinner

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse

7 p.m.

$80 per person

21 and over

About CPR Fall Brewers Dinner

CPR Fall Brewers Dinner

It's a beer party in the Octagonal Barn--the quintessential fall gathering! Brewers will introduce their beers, which are paired with each course in this seasonal menu.


Red Ale-Poached Pear
Buckwheat Honey Pilsner
Rogue smoky blue cheese, maple-roasted walnuts, butter and radicchio lettuce & Fireside Vinaigrette

Ale-Spiked Smoked Salmon Chowder
Mosaic Fresh Hop IPA
Bacon lardons, fresh herbed butter & grilled sourdough

Jaeger Schnitzel
Barrel-aged Philosopher's Stone
Grand Lodge kummel kraut, wild mushroom gravy & fresh horseradish mashed potatoes

Billy Whiskey Bread Pudding
Oatmeal Double Stout
Dried cranberries, currants, apples & cinnamon with Billy Whiskey hard sauce & whipped cream


Buckwheat Honey Pilsner
Buckwheat Honey Pilsner is the result of a collaboration between Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Brewery and Greg Mason of Boarfish. A long time club favorite, this lager gets its sweet, tangy finish from the distinct flavor of Buckwheat Honey. Loved by local home brewers for years, it is now available to the greater community!

Mosaic Fresh Hop IPA
We are celebrating this hop-harvest season with 40 pounds of fresh-picked Willamette Valley Mosaic hops in a delicious IPA. So savor the tangy Pez candy flavors underneath the floral-fresh nose of this straw-colored IPA and raise a glass to bounty reaped.

Barrel-Aged Philosopher's Stone
Legend has it that a great alchemist, or philosopher, once turned lead (or maybe dirt) into gold using a magic crystal. This crystal became known as the Philosopher's Stone. Many quests were launched to acquire this stone, but it was never recovered. Over the years, the phrase "Philosopher's Stone" came to mean ‘that which is pursued but never obtained' or ‘unobtainable perfection'. This particular Philosopher's Stone is an English Strong Ale, brewed to emulate the beers of the Dark Ages. Aged for three months in oak, its original sweetness has morphed into malt complexity and the finish is now deliciously dry and woody.

Oatmeal Double Stout
This pint of foggy night rolls dark Chocolate Malts through a creamy rich body. Don't mind the cold, this will leave you smooth and warm.