Saturday, November 4, 2017

West Linn's 25th Birthday

Kasey Anderson

West Linn

All day

All ages welcome

About West Linn's 25th Birthday

West Linn's 25th Birthday

Join us to celebrate 25 years! Have some birthday cake and bring your Passport to go on a Discovery Hunt on the property.

Then toast with a special birthday beer brewed in-house.

Live Music by Kasey Anderson from 4 p.m. 'til 7 p.m.

Food Specials

Terminator Onion Rings
beer-battered onion rings with Dark Star mayo 7.25 / 10.25

Ruby-Q Chicken Salad
BBQ-basted chicken, blue cheese crumbles, hazelnuts, cucumber, grape tomatoes, marinated red onion & mixed greens tossed in Ruby-raspberry vinaigrette 13.50

Hammerhead Cheesesteak Sandwich

shaved rib eye, pickled pepper mix & grilled onions on a roll with cheese & ale sauce with fresh-cut fries or tots 12.75

Sunflower IPA glass 3.05 pint 5.50 pitcher 14.75

About Kasey Anderson

Kasey Anderson

Thomas Edison once said, "Discontent is the first necessity of progress." Kasey Anderson's new album, Nowhere Nights, available Feb. 16 on Red River Records, is hard evidence that Edison wasn't just pontificating.

"Nowhere Nights is shorthand for whatever it is people get lost in, or sink into," Anderson says. The album, which he describes as "equal parts charge, benediction, apology and indictment," finds the gifted writer chronicling his own personal and artistic coming of age, conveyed with grace and gravity over the course of 11 songs about, as Anderson says, "the things people carry and the things they leave behind."

Nowhere Nights marks a shift in the direction of Anderson's songwriting. His debut album, Dead Roses (2004), was, he says, "an album of stories. It was me learning how to write songs while tape rolled." For the followup, The Reckoning (2007), Anderson applied what he'd learned during his maiden recording experience. The album confronted the miasma of the Bush era-"the deterioration of civil rights in America," as Anderson explains-and earned Anderson raves from Paste, No Depression, and The Onion A/V Club, among others. His third release, Way Out West, was an all-covers set recorded while on tour in Europe and released in digital format only.

On Nowhere Nights, Anderson turns his gaze inward, laying out in song the circumstances behind, and the reasons for, his personal renewal. "For almost a decade I lived in this insulated little community," Anderson says of Bellingham, Washington, where he spent eight years before moving back to his hometown of Portland, Oregon in 2007. "I woke up one morning and just knew it was time. I was numb all over. I was just a perpetual fuckup, y'know? Burning everything around me and then wondering why I smelled like smoke. I had to get out."

In the end, the fires Kasey Anderson set may have been the genesis of his stunning, cathartic song-cycle, but it is Anderson's journey through those fires that makes Nowhere Nights an album of raw, redemptive beauty.


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