Thursday, September 14, 2017

Slings and Arrows

Old St. Francis School - Father Luke's Room

7 p.m. til 10 p.m.


All ages welcome

About Slings and Arrows

Slings and Arrows

Slings & Arrows, a Nashville-based duo comprised of musicians Zach Broocke and Marlaina Youch, formed in 2014. Zach hails from Waukesha, Wisconsin, and has been recording soulful Americana Rock music since 2004. Marlaina was born and raised in Seattle, and has been writing and singing Country/Blues music since 2009. The two met in Nashville three years ago during a co-write; a write that led to the creation of "Black Leather & Booze," the most popular song from Marlaina's solo EP, the entirety of which Zach produced. Before officially forming Slings & Arrows, the pair sang and played together for over a year developing onstage chemistry and perfecting their collective sound. They blend elements of Rock n' Roll, Country, and Blues, resulting in music that has garnered praise from ears across the musical spectrum. Although their debut EP has yet to be released, mainstays from their live shows such as "Tug of War" and "That Was Me Then" will certainly leave you eager to buy and listen over and over once it does. However, to their captivated audiences delight, they both have past solo records filled with haunting melodies, entrancing instrumentals, and relatable lyrics that will certainly ease the wait and leave you eager for more.

"Local Nashville duo made up of Zach Broocke and Marlaina Youch, these two have taken the music city by storm. With their sound rooted a blend of Americana and Southern folk rock, these two have set themselves apart with their rolling guitar lines, playful lyrics, and harmonies that are reminiscent of acts like the Civil Wars" -- John Tumminello, Musicians Corner

"An anti-love song that you can't help falling for -- equal parts sex, swagger and strut, backed by a band that sounds like it's playing the late-night set in some Wild West roadhouse saloon. Zach and Marlaina both pack a punch with their solo careers, but as a harmony-heavy duo, they're capable of a knockout."
-Andrew Leahey (Nashville Music Critic)