Thursday, September 14, 2017

Ryan Joseph Anderson

Maiah Wynne

White Eagle Saloon & Hotel - White Eagle Saloon


$8 in advance, $10 day of show

21 and over

About Maiah Wynne

Maiah Wynne

A butterfly, an explosion of ideas, a hopeful giver. Maiah Wynne strives to bring something new to the stage & make a difference with every song she sends into the world. Her haunting vocals are often compared to the likes of Birdy, Fiona Apple, and Florence Welch. Maiah's songwriting spans various genres and is inspired by untold stories that ache to be heard. An example is her most recent release, "Siren Song", a folk/pop ukulele anthem that is part of an international collaboration album focused on saving ocean life. In summer 2017, she will begin to release monthly singles via her Patreon campaign, as a way to truly connect with her fans & keep them involved in the evolution of her career. To keep up with Maiah, follow her on: Facebook, Twitter, IG, YouTube @MaiahWynne