Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ragged Union Bluegrass

Old St. Francis School - Father Luke's Room

7 p.m. til 10 p.m.


All ages welcome

About Ragged Union Bluegrass

Ragged Union Bluegrass

Boulder, Colorado, based original Bluegrass group, Ragged Union, will make their first appearance in Bend, Wednesday, October 14th, at McMenamin's Old St Francis School. The band will be on their way to Oakland for an Official Showcase performance at the 2015 Far West Folk Alliance Conference. Ragged Union is a six-piece, female-fronted bluegrass group, with a tinge of the traditional and a healthy dose of the blues. Featuring some of Colorado's finest pickers, Ragged Union takes the hard-driving, familiar sound of bluegrass and updates it with modern lyrics and arrangements - an "outsider" songwriting approach that has been steadily winning them fans since their inception in early 2014.