Thursday, July 20, 2017

Global Folk Club

Michelle Alany & The Mystics
Andrea Wild  & Hugo Glanville

Mrs. Doyle and the Teapots

Kennedy School - Gymnasium

7 p.m. til 9 p.m


All ages welcome

About Global Folk Club

Global Folk Club

The Best of Global Folk Club is delighted to present Michelle Alany & The Mystics as the headliner of this years folk music series. The Kennedy School is the perfect venue to enjoy this wonderful folk music showcase with a great stage and spacious dance floor.

Global Folk Club is a unique showcase of amazing talent from the near and far flung corners of the globe. Andrea Wild created Global Folk Club based on the folk clubs she grew up with in Northern England. In keeping with folk club tradition, the finale of each event is the English Pub Sing where everyone lends a voice to drinking songs, ballads and boisterous belters which celebrate all the seasons. Global Folk Club is now in its third year running and has amassed a following of regulars who enjoy diverse top notch musicianship and revel in the pub sing.

Andrea Wild's Global Folk Club is in its third year running and is very pleased to offer the discerning listener Best of Global Folk Club. From the near and far flung corners of the globe comes this showcase of amazing talent sure to keep you on the edge of your seats.

About Michelle Alany & The Mystics

Michelle Alany & The Mystics

Fiddle Driven Gypsy Caravan. Lush strings, soulful vocals and rhythmic groove, Michelle delivers soulful interpretations of traditional and original Sephardic (Judeo-Spanish), Balkan and Israeli songs infused with Austin-blues stylings.


About Andrea Wild & Hugo Glanville

Andrea Wild  & Hugo Glanville

Andrea Wild is a singer, producer and emcee currently residing in Portland, Oregon. Andrea created and manages the high energy Celtic band, The Stomptowners. And she drives two other bands in Portland, Mrs Doyle & The Teapots and Three Pound Note. She also produces a unique monthly live music event, Global Folk Club. Since its inception over two years ago, GFC continues to grow with a dedicated following of regulars. Andrea's passion for traditional and roots folk music manifests in all these projects as well as her unbridled enthusiasm for community based singing projects which bring joy to children and seniors alike.

Born in Liverpool, England, Andrea was raised with the sibling singing tradition emphasizing harmony and a capella performance. Andrea's mother was from Caernarfon, Wales, and moved to Liverpool with Andrea's grandmother and grandfather (Nain and Taid) during WWII. So, Andrea and her brother, Straford grew up in a Welsh speaking household with an Irish uncle and a father who insisted they support Leeds United. Quite a challenge to anyone growing up in the midst of Liverpool Football Club and only the strong survive. They sang in folk clubs throughout the North of England and Andrea was a regular at Liverpool's Irish Centre. Their love of traditional folk music and a quest for adventure took them from Penzance to the Isle of Skye learning new material and performing along the way.

After moving to the United States, Andrea continued to sing with her brother, Straford. They collaborated with Oregon Symphony cellist, Jim Smith in the band Both Wild and performed at folk festivals and music venues throughout the US. Both Wild released a CD recording in 2002 Just Say Nevoth.

In addition to the endeavor of Both Wild, Andrea pursued a variety of solo opportunities. She produced and hosted Irish, world folk and soul music programs on Portland's independent KBOO radio. Her native wit and clear articulation earned her a go-to position within the community for hosting and emceeing all manner of music, cultural, charity and civic events. Andrea joined PSU Chorale and earned a longed-for opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall.

In 2011, Andrea teamed up with Sean Nos dancer, Maldon Meehan with a goal to merge traditional forms of percussive dance and song for stage performance (and their own enjoyment). And thus was the birth of The Stomptowners, a project which continues to grow and please crowds from Portland to beyond. The Stomptowners released a CD Knocking the Ditches Down in 2015.

About Mrs. Doyle and the Teapots

Mrs. Doyle and the Teapots

Piping hot Irish traditional music served the old fashioned way with a twist of native wit.