Friday, July 7, 2017

Dear Drummer

Chelsea Tractors

White Eagle Saloon & Hotel - White Eagle Saloon

9 p.m.

$8 in advance, $8 day of show

21 and over

About Dear Drummer

Dear Drummer

Taking their name from an anonymous letter their drummer received from an unappreciative neighbor at the time, Dear Drummer has been having fun and filling venues all over Portland since forming over three years ago. Their unique blend of soul-funk-rock and evolving sound has kept dance floors full and audiences fully engaged.

Lead singer Justin Odom draws listeners in with his smooth vocals and high-energy performance, while the rest of his band mates keep the grooves tight. Diverse and varied, their influences range from Marvin Gaye and Paul Simon, to the Beastie Boys and Tribe Called Quest.

The band released its first self titled EP in June 2015, and is back in the studio again this June to record some of the new songs the group has been writing over the last year, with the addition of new bass player Mike Glidden and a more guitar-driven sound.


Justin Odom - lead vocals
Myles Talarico - guitar & backing vocals
Jesse Milan - lead guitar
Mike Glidden - bass
Rich Young - drums & percussion







Lance Kreiter and Matt Parkinson have been playing music in the local PDX scene since the earliest of 90's. From various bands and various projects comes something from the heart. Looking to keep it simple and sultry (Man of The Year, Black Sheep Black, Crazy 8's, DeHaviland/Blue Collar Scouts, The Tiger & The Scorpion)

About Chelsea Tractors

Jeremy Atkins and Dirk Wood have each been playing in rock and roll bands for a couple of decades (The Conductor, Microphones, No Parts, Fine Art Cocks, etc). While traveling the world together in their day jobs for the comic book industry, they had always toyed with the idea of playing together, and have finally decided to do it.

Taking their shared love of punk rock, 90s era grunge and rock, a little bit of Joy Division and brit-pop and smashing them all up in a gritty, stripped down sandwich, Chelsea Tractors make tight and sloppy rock and roll you can bash your head to.