Saturday, May 13, 2017

McMenamins Highland Brewery Tasting with Ryan Lund

Whirlwind Wheatwine
Ethiopian Sunshine Coffee Cream Blonde

2 p.m. 'til 4 p.m.
All ages welcome | 21+ to drink

About McMenamins Highland Brewery Tasting with Ryan Lund

Ryan Lund will offer two of his original beers: the Whirlwind Wheatwine and Ethiopian Sunshine Coffee Cream Ale.

About Whirlwind Wheatwine

This beer began as an American Wheat Ale, that was then dramatically enhanced. Vast quantities of Wheat Malt bring forth a smooth, bready character. Small Caramel Malt additions contribute a complex touch of sweetness to the finish, enhanced by extra time in the boil kettle. Subtle hopping balances and complements the malt character, without stealing the spotlight. Sit back and let a sip of this golden elixir whisk you away!
Special Techniques: Long Boil
Malts: 2-Row, Pilsen, Wheat, Caramel Vienna, Carastan, Caramel Munich
Hops: Mosaic, US Golding
OG: 1.084 TG: 1.016 ABV: 8.9 IBU: 70 SRM: 10

About Ethiopian Sunshine Coffee Cream Blonde

Ethiopia is the home of the coffee plant. With the help of McMenamins Coffee Roasters, the Highland Brewery selected Ethiopian beans for their light, fruity character, and produced a cold extract for direct injection into Cream Ale kegs. Restrained hops lend a balance to the delicate coffee flavors and soft malt presence. Light-bodied and silky-smooth, a touch of Lactose, or milk sugar, was added to enhance the creamy mouthfeel and provide a hint of back-end sweetness.
Special Ingredients: Lactose, McMenamins Ethiopian Coffee
Malts: Pilsen, 2-Row, Flaked Corn
Hops: Crystal
OG: 1.047 TG: 1.004 ABV: 5.55 IBU: 19 SRM: 2