Saturday, May 6, 2017


8 p.m.
All ages welcome

About Bahttsi

Bahttsi is fun. Bahttsi is an all-original band of brothers that has performed and recorded together for over 15 years. The group is best described as Slamfunkin'groovegrass that Swings and Snorts... Their sound is both fun and infectious, covering styles of bluegrass, rock, Cajun and swing. The band has performed at numerous festivals, including NW Folklife, Betsiefest, Rock the Farm and the Oregon Country Fair. The band records often and has a ever growing number of original compositions that showcase each band member's unique sound and skill. A dynamic performing ensemble, the band can get your crowd dancing as the band soars through original rock, blues and instrumental compositions while also stretching out improvisationally with intricate jams. Most of all the group is about having a lot of fun.

The band is comprised of six accomplished musicians and an engineer that helps them all realize their sound. Hailing from a number of varied bands, Bahttsi comes together to include Griff "Bear" Ocker on fiddle and mandolin, Dylan Thomas Vance on guitars, Greg Scholl on guitar and trombone, Marc Visnick on bouzouki, Mark Burdon on drums and Matt Rotchford on basses. Everyone sings and all work together to realize this all-original material in a way that is infectious and fun.

Bahttsi has been recording for many years now on Mt. Hood. The band has an amazing amount of material to pull from and is constantly writing new music. With fiddle and trombone, you can't really go wrong. The band is a perfect ensemble for summer concerts and outdoor parties, having played numerous weddings and private parties, the band inspires the crowd to dance and have a good time.