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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Black Mountain

with special guest zZz

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Black Mountain

"We were toying with the idea of calling the album Our Strongest Material To Date" laughs Jeremy Schmidt. The Vancouver outfit's keyboardist can afford to joke about what they describe as "the dog-eared ace of spades of all rock band platitudes." It was during a solo show under his Sinoia Caves alias that he performed a revelatory electronic prototype for Mothers Of The Sun. This quintessentially Black Mountain tour de force kicks off the renamed but still accurately titled IV. "It's actually an older song which we couldn't get quite right before," explains Schmidt. "It has all the elements that we gravitate towards, built into one miniature epic."

Chief among these elements is the distinctive voice and breathtaking range of Amber Webber, whether she's powering through interstellar boogie on Florian Saucer Attack, setting the celestial tone for her beautifully orchestrated ballad Line Them All Up, or constructing the choral midsection for Space To Bakersfield, a psychedelic soul finale inspired by Funkadelic's deathless Maggot Brain. "We'd meant to have an actual choir, but I ended up singing all the parts. It's a choir of me! I'd never written an arrangement like that before."

The group's sense of rediscovery as a creative whole is tangible throughout. They were joined in the studio by spiritually attuned bassist and veteran purveyor of the riff, Arjan Miranda (formerly of S.T.R.E.E.T.S, Children, and The Family Band) whose roots, heart and soul are connected to the same soil and cement that Black Mountain were borne from. Recording was primarily done in close collaboration with Sunn O))), Wolves In The Throne Room and Marissa Nadler producer Randall Dunn, at his trusted Avast! facility in Seattle. "It's got some grit," enthuses guitarist and co-vocalist Stephen McBean. "And there's a history there: Northwest punk, grunge and general weirdo outsider stuff, plus it houses the same Trident mixing board used for Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies." A heightened mystique and dramatic yearning can be heard on such perfectly formed earworms as Cemetery Breeding, described by drummer, engineer and occasional pianist Joshua Wells as "a dark pop song with an emotive urgency to it that taps into my teenaged eyeliner-and-trenchcoat wearing sensibilities." Wells' eclectic tastes and multitasking flair - his supple percussion also provides the backbone for Dan Bejar's world-conquering Destroyer ensemble - inform Black Mountain's wider palette as well as their rhythmic choices. "It's like painting. All sound colour. And space is really important. People think of us as this heavy rock band - and we are sometimes - but it has to be tempered with space. There has to be these emotional cues. It's not just about rocking out."

Check out the way Amber and Stephen's harmonies telepathically entwine on cosmic standout Defector, or Constellations' unforced confluence of synthesizer pulse and double denim riff. In addition to being blessed with a melodic facility that eludes most rock groups, Black Mountain effortlessly echo the limitless possibilities of the internet age. Sonic tributaries that never met in the real world - AC/DC and Amon Düül, Heart and Hawkwind, King Crimson and Kraftwerk - flow together on IV as they do online. It fits with McBean's unifying theory of the modern YouTube stoner, wherein "kids discover their own alternate universes online, from Cologne to Melbourne... Detroit to Laurel Canyon.. the ice age to annihilation. There's a new scene with a different set of headphones creating a postmodern futuristic Fantasy Island. All those fledgling heads in waiting escaping within their computer screens!"

This impulse to connect is reflected by the band members' activities and journeys outside the mothership. Josh and Amber have their self-run Balloon Factory studio and pop-noir Lightning Dust project. Stephen relocated to Los Angeles six years ago. Traveling and creating via his Southern Lord released hardcore unit Obliterations and ongoing post-punk rock 'n' roll combo Pink Mountaintops (whose heady sometimes electronic throb led to the majestic, mantra-like You Can Dream). "There's something very West Coast about us all." he says. "That rambling restlessness of keepin' on guides us and keeps the music alive. Whether it's the gravitational pull of the Pacific Ocean that draws us back together or simply a good taco... The turning up, turning on and getting down is Black Mountain. It's home, and it always feels good to come back to. "

Back in Canada, meanwhile, Jeremy, channeled his analogue synth mastery and youthful John Carpenter worship into the hugely acclaimed cult science fiction film score Beyond The Black Rainbow. He's been busy of late conceptualizing Black Mountain's "mystic Concorde" art direction. Referencing the hallowed aircraft's future/past iconography, his designs are emblematic of IV's spatial diversity and maximalist astral-rock vision. You know, it really is their strongest material to date.



with special guest zZz

with special guest zZz

Many moons ago 2 boys came into the possession of an old church organ. Armored with the organ and a 3piece drum kit, they created a couple of tunes and within a week made their first appearance playing at a underwater party. The crowd went insane and the Sound Of zZz was born.

2005: Recorded and releases their killer debut album, Sound of zZz, which is the kick-off for a two year tour around the globe. Several months in the USA, shows in Japan, Russia and South Africa. All over Europe including festivals like Benicassim and Glastonbury. During these three years, zZz becomes known for their massive sound and brutal and intense live performances.

2009: Their second album, Running with the Beast, is released on ANTI-.
zZz tours throughout Europe, the USA and Russia extensively. The video for Grip, wins several awards.

2010: zZz writes the the score for the underground movie ‘de Boule de Boule'.

2011: zZz writes and performs the score for a theatre play which featured Sylvia Kristel, best known for her role as 70's soft porn icon Emmanuelle.

2012: zZz makes an alternative score for Frankenstein, the horror classic, and performed it live in the Old Church, in the middle of Amsterdams red light district. And works on side project Light Light.

2013: zZz releases a split 7" in Italy with Lush Rimbaud. Tours through Italy and Russia as well as a 6 week U.S. tour with friends Quintron and Miss Pussycat.

2014 zZz records their long anticipated 3rd studio album titled Juggernaut.

2015 zZz releases Juggernaut on March 13th and joins Brooklyn-based noise power trio A Place To Bury Strangers on their European tour. Shows in France, Italy, Russia follow.

2016 zZz play SXSW, play tons of festivals in Europe and do an extensive tour Germany. The boys writing material for a new album.

Their music and videos brought zZz awards (Grip won the Music Video Of The Year-award), great reviews (including 4 stars in MOJO and 5 stars in Hustler Magazine) and numerous appearances in games (GTA), movies, series (CSI) as well as in edgy Japanese tv- commercials (QP Mayonaise) and most recently a pan-European FIAT-campaign.

2005 - Sound of zZz Excelsior-Holland/Howler-US/KSR-Japan/V2-Italy
2007 - Live at the Stroomhuis white label
2009 - Running with the Beast Excelsior-Holland/ANTI-Europe/3D-Japan
2015 - Juggernaut Excelsior-Holland

"Dutch duo zZz drag the garage-rock revival kicking and screaming onto the dance floor with this debut album. Their hard-driving rythms, keyboard blasts and rave-friendly beats rock with ten times the energy any band from the land of legal hash bars has a right to."
- Hustler Magazine -

"On first listen, zZz sounds like Jim Morrison reincarnated as a Dutch club rat who took too much E and spent time recuperation in Church. Daan Schinkels' keyboard work is nothing short of pure psych-out bliss. The use of organ as the building block of most of the songs off Sound of zZz is both innovative and truly captivating."
- Spin Magazine -

"Somebody will die to the sound of zZz in the next Quentin Tarrantino flick."
- Spill Magazine -



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