Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Roadhouse Refreshments

Jalapa Lager
Edelweiss Helles Bock
NNW Lager
Edgefield Oktoberfest
Beer Tasting

6 p.m. 'til 9 p.m.
All ages welcome | 21 and over to drink

About Roadhouse Refreshments

Here at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, you'll find one of McMenamins' top producing Breweries, and the modern day Imbrie Hall Pub that was built from the timbers of Portland's historic Henry Weinhard's Brewery. Initially housed in the old Roadhouse, this small Hillsboro Brewery shared space with the restaurant kitchen, to the extent that they shared the same hood fan as the burger grill. It also featured old school open fermenters, which are problematic in a kitchen for obvious reasons. A decade later, the Roadhouse Brewery got its own decidedly upscale quarters. This is where Brewers Brady Romtvedt & Chris Oslin reside, putting their passion to work as they carefully craft each unique brew. You'll be glad you brought your curiosities as they have decades of experience that have lent stories they're willing to share with you. Enjoy these one time offerings because when they're gone, they will be no more.

Note: Beers poured at this tasting event qualify for happy hour pricing.

This event is an Official Limited Edition Beer Tasting! You can obtain an experience stamp, getting you one step closer to a $20 gift card, if you've purchased the Passport Insert that allows for additional experience stamps.

About Jalapa Lager

We blistered two handfuls of jalapeño and Serrano peppers and hung them to steep in a keg of our Creeping Joey Lager. The result is an aromatic and flavorful harmony between peppers and malts with a subdued spiciness.
Special Ingredients: Jalapeño Pepper, Serrano Pepper
Malts: Premium 2-Row, Acidulated, Crystal 15
Hops: Ultra, Sterling
OG: 1.048 TG: 1.008 ABV: 5.17 IBU: 27 SRM: 4

About Edelweiss Helles Bock

Helles Bock is a relatively recent addition to the Bock family and is quite lighter in color than a traditional Dark Bock. Brewed on the last day of January, this golden gem keeps tasting better and better as it continues to age. There exists a perfect balance between the big malt backbone and hop bitterness which together masks the high alcohol content. Inspired by a year of studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria with the hills filled with the sound of Griswolds... Prost!
Malts: Pilsen Malt, Vienna Malt, Wheat
Hops: Nugget, Perle
OG: 1.067 TG: 1.007 ABV: 7.74 IBU: 14 SRM: 4

About NNW Lager

Conceived in the top left corner of Oregon, this Lager has the bright hop presence of a Pilsner but with more complex, citrus character courtesy of a blend of US Golding and Citra Hops. Flavorful and balanced, we hope this Lager reminds you just how good we have it here.
Malts: Pilsen, Flaked Barley
Hops: Cascade, Citra
OG: 1.050 TG: 1.008 ABV: 5.8 IBU: 30 SRM: 3

About Edgefield Oktoberfest

The Edgefield Oktoberfest is a traditional seasonal lager, brewed in honor of the changing seasons. It pours a beautiful, crystal-clear copper color with a creamy off-white head. Subtle aromas of sweet bread and toffee greet the senses. The first sip opens up with a crisp, clean toffee flavor with a touch of sweetness and a dry, subtlety spicy, citrus aftertaste. A quaffable fall lager to celebrate the annual harvest. Prost!
Malts: Light Munich, Dark Munich
Hops: Tettnanger, Perle
OG: 1.057 TG: 1.015 ABV: 5.42 IBU: 12 SRM: 10