Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Beer Tasting

Curious Corvallis

Ol' Sage Robust Porter

McMenamins Corvallis - Corvallis

4 p.m. 'til 6 p.m.

21 and over

About Curious Corvallis

Curious Corvallis

This laid-back, English-style pub fills the space formerly occupied by the loftily named Tower of London fish-and-chip house. Unlike the actual Tower of London, where more than a few Brits spent their last nights on earth, McMenamins' location is a welcoming spot. Come on in for the opportunity to meet Brewer Gary Nance. Gary's been a part of the brewing industry since 1995. He brewed at the Thompson Brewery & Public House in Salem, but is best known for his beer creations at McMenamins on Monroe, where he has manned the helm since that location's first brew in October 2006. Nostalgia is the commonality between Gary's most memorable brews. He was part of the team that developedOregon's first certified organic ale in 1998. That means he can help you discover the answer to all of your beery questions, so join us and bring your curiosities! Enjoy this one time offering because when it's gone, it will be no more!

Note: Beers poured at this tasting event qualify for happy hour pricing.

This event is an Official Limited Edition Beer Tasting. You can obtain an experience stamp, getting you one step closer to a $20 gift card, if you've purchased the Passport Insert that allows for additional experience stamps.

About Ol' Sage Robust Porter

Eastern Oregon's desert areas are perfect for camping. The smell of sagebrush fills the air out there and provides an environment perfect for lots of animals. It also makes a great spice which is why we added it to the keg after fermentation. Think of Ol' Sage as referring to the wisdom of age or knowledge. Take some time to relax and let this Porter show you the way.
Special Ingredients: Sage
Malts: Pale, Flaked Barley, Crystal 120, Crystal 135/165, Chocolate Malt, Blackprinz
Hops: Chinook, US Goldings
OG: 1.054 TG: 1.015 ABV: 5.00 IBU: 29 SRM: 32