Sunday, January 22, 2017

Arran Fagan

Micah McCaw
Melaiah Echo

7 p.m.
21 and over

About Arran Fagan

A product of the grassroots music movement of Southern Oregon, Medford artist Arran Fagan has spent the greater part of his life pursuing music, working his way into the northwest folk scene by playing countless coffee shops and house shows for college classmates and eventually opening for northwest favorites like HorseFeathers, Kris Orlowski, and Jeffrey Martin. In 2015, Arran recruited fellow University of Portland students Jack Pfeffer and Jonathan Wiley, and the three worked to perfect a sparse, melodic sound influenced by their individual backgrounds. Fueled by introspective lyrics and nostalgic melodies provided by the intimate combination of viola, bass, and acoustic guitar, his music explores themes of loss, growth, and the passage of time with fresh eyes.



About Micah McCaw

Micah McCaw

Micah McCaw's current project is a ten part EP project based on Biblical characters. Each EP is one song longer then the previous EP and the amount of minutes as the song's track number: Adam, Eve, Abel, Cain.


About Melaiah Echo

Melaiah Echo is a singer, songwriter, and musician hailing from the Pacific Northwest. She gleans inspiration from blues, folk, and alternative musicians, but ultimately creates her own style and approach to music. She is a storyteller and a poet, using music to connect with others and take the audience on a journey.