Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Kelsey Brie Band

Midnight's Children

8 p.m.
21 and over

About Midnight's Children

In the spirit of Portland collaborations, Midnight's Children is the newest addition of an all-star Funk/Soul cast. Fronted by percussionist/singer, Chuk Barber (formerly of War, and currently appearing with California Honeydrops and The LowRider Band), MC lays down the dirty and the smooth. Heavily influenced by Volfpeck, Jimi Hendricks, Erykah Badu, and many more, the band elevates B side covers of your favorite bands and also brings to the table hard-grooving original compositions. Founding members and friends, Portland jazzers Tom Goicoechea (Earl Thomas, Euge Organ Trio) on drums and guitarist Dan Duval (Dan Duval Sextet) began the group as a platform to play with different musicians of many genres, and to stretch their musical reach beyond jazz. Tom G. enforces his deep sense of New Orleans funk (where he studied music) and Dan Duval does a 90 degree turn to heavy distortion and epic solos. Joining Barber at the helm on vocals, sax and flute is Chelsea Luker (JoyTribe+ Quadraphonnes), who has a deep groove to nestle some lead and backing parts in the music. Alex Weinberg on keys (Shafty + Fresh Track) lays down tasty vintage sounds, and bassist Nathaniel Daniel (Lilla D'Mone, Keegan Smith) builds the foundation for the booties to shake.

MC has been performing in Portland for about a year. In-between individual tours, the band has showcased itself when it can. Shows are high energy shred fests mixed with dance grooves.