Saturday, September 21, 2024


Wilson Squared

Avi Haviv

Kalama Harbor Lodge

Live music starting at 2pm

All ages welcome

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About Oktoberfest



Whether you're German or not, you'll have a wundervoll time at our party with beer - so much delicious beer. Prost!

Oktoberfest Lager

We make this lager only once each year for our annual celebration - but it's great for drinking anytime or place! Turn up the accordion, pour a pint in the autumn sun, and celebrate harvest season and beer with us.

Live Music

2-5pm * Avi Haviv
6-9pm * Wilson Squared

About Wilson Squared

Wilson Squared

Meet Chad and Natalie Wilson, AKA: Wilson Squared! A father / daughter acoustic duo based out of Kalama, WA. In the Early 90's Chad left his home in the PNW to pursue a professional career as a touring musician in Nashville, TN. It was on this tour that he met his now wife of 27 years, Michelle. They built a home and a life together in Kalama and raised their 3 beautiful daughters Kaylee, Lindsay & Natalie. When Chad realized Natalie could sing at a very young age, he nurtured her talent and grew it into something very special. Together, they played music for family and friends, around campfires and at family gatherings. Growing up, Natalie competed in talent shows and sang the national anthem for many of the sporting events at Kalama High School. Although music has been their shared passion for the better part of 20 years, Wilson Squared didn't get it's start until the summer of 2022. Since then, they have played various local bars, wineries, and private events. Their music style is deeply rooted in 90's country and classic rock.

"We are grateful for the musical opportunity's life has presented us in the last year and we hope that you enjoy what we do just as much as we enjoy doing it!"

About Avi Haviv

jazz and classical guitar

Avi Haviv

Master guitarist and vocalist Avi Haviv (pronounced AH-vee ha-VEEV) is a lifelong career musician whose love of music has taken him all over the globe. A child prodigy on classical guitar studying under a Master who studied with Segovia, Avi started playing pro gigs when he was just 14 years old. He studied jazz at GIT, delved the funk scene in London, played classic rock and R & B on the Australian circuit, and toured Asia playing pop. He eventually landed in the USA, launching an originals band in the Bay area before relocating to the Pacific Northwest, where he finally settled down. His versatile repertoire, engaging showmanship, and rich vocals now delight music lovers from Portland to Seattle at venues, functions and events, where he adds his own distinctive stamp to cover songs and sprinkles sets with eclectic originals.