Friday, August 23, 2024

Moon and Bike

Grand Lodge - Pat's Corner



All ages welcome

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About Moon and Bike

Moon and Bike

Moon and Bike is an instrumental music project based in Portland, Oregon. Blazing their own sonic path, Boone Johnson and Michael Swanson interweave acoustic and electric guitars in a way that evokes many different styles and genres of music. With a focus on strong melodies and guitar textures, their songs are composed in a pop/rock framework, but at times wander off into post-rock, fusion, and ambient territory. The addition of drums to both their recordings and live shows has opened up their sonic meanderings, with John Gannon laying down a rhythmic framework over which to improvise and create bigger soundscapes. They have been described as some type of musical blend of Explosions in the Sky, North Americans, and Marisa Anderson & William Tyler.