Friday, 02 August 2024


Hot Stepmom

Lora Frenzy

The Rat Utopia Experiment

7pm doors & 8pm show

$15 advance or $20 day of show

All ages welcome

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About Meldrop


Meldrop, the four-piece indie rock group, hails from Tacoma, WA. Their journey began unexpectedly in the fall of 2022, as four bussers from a local seafood joint decided to unwind with a jam session after their shifts. What emerged from that impromptu jam was the beginnings of their signature track, 'Where You Go'. Sensing the magic in their collaboration, they knew they had stumbled upon something special. From those humble beginnings, Meldrop started making waves, initially captivating audiences at college house shows. Word of their electric sound spread rapidly, propelling them into the spotlight of the Seattle music scene and beyond, with performances stretching along the west coast. During 2023 the band embarked on the creation of their self-titled debut EP, recording at Tacoma's esteemed Alma Studios. Their perseverance culminated in the debut EP release in December 2023, marking a significant milestone in their musical journey. At the heart of Meldrop's sonic landscape lies a distinctive fusion of genres. Anchored by Elijah Tuncap on drums and Aidan Maggi on bass, the intricate guitar interplay between River Esqueda and Kirran Medchill enriches their sound with depth and texture; furthered by Aidan Goodman's smooth keys, blending a wild variety of handcrafted sounds. Overall, Meldrop's sound draws from a palette of influences ranging from blues to jazz, their indie rock sensibilities shine through in every riff, crafting a sound that is truly their own.

About Hot Stepmom

Hot Stepmom

Hot Stepmom is a 4-piece alternative rock band that formed in July 2021. The band's current lineup consists of front-lady Anna Norris (vocals, guitar), Cameron Mclennan (guitar), Ben Babcock (drums) and Jarin Szewczyk (bass). With each member having various influences, Hot Stepmom manages to make in-your-face music with elements of indie, blues, jazz, funk, alt-pop and post-grunge. Hot Stepmom released their debut album, ‘The Serial Killer in the Other Room is Better Than You', in October 2022 and their new EP ‘Nothing to Nowhere' in March 2024.

About The Rat Utopia Experiment

The Rat Utopia Experiment

The Rat Utopia Experiment, AKA T.R.U.E,
is an anarchist American rock band based out of Tacoma, Washington. They consist of five members--Phia, 15 (lead vocals, guitar), Aine, 17 (bass, backup vocals), Maddox, 18 (guitar), Jackson, 16 (guitar), and Evan, 20 (drums), who dominate the stage as well as their enemies. Despite their contrasting music tastes, the band comes together to form a sound that's a tragic clash of metal riffs, emo, a sprinkle of nu-metal, and themes of anti-establishment that give you the vague urge to jay-walk. They performed in SoundOff! 2024, the 21-and-under music showcase held at the Museum of Pop Culture, and have been interviewed by and selected as the KISW 99.9 Loud and Local Band of The Week, along with receiving airplay on KEXP AND KISW.





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