Saturday, June 29, 2024

Inaugural Garden Expo

Grand Lodge


$22 in advance, $27 day of

21 and over
Free entry for minors accompanying a parent/guardian

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About Inaugural Garden Expo

Inaugural Garden Expo

What could be better for a summer afternoon than a stroll through Grand Lodges gardens? Join us in the gardens for a modern-day garden party, with handcrafted beverages, lunch al fresco and self-guided garden tours. Go at your own pace and enjoy a mimosa while you leisurely tour the grounds. Our gardeners will available to answer any burning plant-based questions you may have, and if you're feeling inspired afterwards we're here to help with that too - we'll have estate-grown plants available for purchase. All that, plus presentations from both plant experts and the history department!

Speaker Presentations

11:15am: "Top Five Fruit Tree Pruning Principles" • Monica Maggio • Core Home Fruit
Pruning your fruit trees doesn't have to be confusing! Instantly improve your fruit tree's health, beauty, and abundance with the five most essential pruning principles. In this presentation, local pruning expert and coach Monica Maggio will guide you through the five most important things to know about pruning fruit trees. Join us to get clear on what to prioritize and why - enabling you to unlock your fruit trees' full potential!

12:30pm: History presentation More details to come!

1:45pm: "Cover Crops: Year-Round Workers in your Garden!" • Marc Boucher-Colbert • Design Your Eden
Cover crops aren't just for winter gardens. Cover crops can help you dig, attract pollinators, texturize soil, hold space for future crops, improve biodiversity, keep down weeds, and fertilize the soil. That's all work YOU don't have to do if THEY are doing it. Learn how to work cover crops into your year-round garden plan for less effort and more successful vegetable gardening.

3pm: "Take a Walk on the Wild Side: The Amazing Wild Bees of Oregon and the People Who Love Them" • Andony Melathopoulos • Pollinator Health Extension Specialist
Did you know Oregon has about 600 species of bees? We say "about" because, in fact, no one really knows how many bees call Oregon home. Oregon is the first state in the US to do a comprehensive inventory of its bees using volunteers, the Oregon Bee Atlas. This talk will describe some of the strange and weird bees that call Oregon home and the journey of discovery by the state's volunteer Master Melittologists.

Food choices
Wraps are made to order & come with a choice of cookie or a piece of fruit. Gluten free tortillas available upon request.
Hummus and veggie wrap (vegan)
Chicken Caesar wrap
Bombay Tuna wrap

Drink Choices
Hard seltzer
Hard cider
McMenamins ale
Non-alcoholic sparkling raspberry seltzer