Saturday, June 22, 2024

No Pants Records

Matt Danger

Omar Cripps

Gary Dean

Dylan Samore

Crystal Hotel - Al's Den

6 p.m, doors, 6:30 p.m. show

$10 in advance, $10 at the doors

21 and over

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About No Pants Records

No Pants Records

Let's be real about it: labels can be reductive, petty, trite, meaningless, and downright shameful when done wrong as many band docs have revealed... Long ago, we set out to change the game for a brighter tomorrow with our label ran by musicians, for musicians, and for all. One show and one pant leg at a time, we self-actualized our dreams of unity into a reality. Integrity, transparency, and honesty has always been our vales and our destiny. No Pants is Portland's old school label and collective has been fighting the Pantriarchy and putting out quality punkrock albums and so much more since 2007 that it's truly humbling, and well not to overdo it- but quite extraordinary.

Meeting deadlines and squanching the digital smorgasbord side of things for bands and artists, performing the tasks of navigating digital and physical distro, album, EP, singles, comps and placing songs for licensing in movies and TV, negotiating deals, recommendations, career advising, understanding publishing, performance rights groups, even to getting books published in dead wood. No Pants places the reigns of your creative endeavors back in your hands as an artist, creator, community touchstone and enterprising, exploratative connoisseur of the entrepreneurial pursuits, without ever owning a percentage of your music. It's your music and art and we want to help protect it and grow it. No Pants even acts as a defacto promoter, converting on fourth down to get the extra yards necessary in getting the word out and helping push album releases, driving press, and making the sweet magic of live shows ignite into a flurry of passion, sweat, love, and a heartfelt bodily exchanges of determination, honesty and a pounding work ethic that consistently demands a pulsating and worthy attentiveness to detail, that which thrusts upon an indomitable spirit that encapsulates and propels our mesmerizing acts and their momentum- now with more slow motion closeups! So much so that the suits upstairs at No Pants find well "intoxicatingly charasmatic" or so we're told!

Still not satisfied? FINE. Buckle this around your waist... No Pants is analogous to that of a well-oiled armor beneath your skin needed to help hoist the banner of expression, the flame within, and help share the load when life gets too heavy. Like a tenacious as a honey badger fueled by a nutrient rich moonlit high, so is life is better in Portland, Pittsburgh, and California with No Pants, especially when you've got someone to help trout you up with by removing consenting problematic, clostrophobic pants down around the ankles of prosperity, one leg at a time. (Yes this is a metaphor for how unrelenting we work it, baby!) We'd be simply honored for you to check us out and tell us what you think about our immensely talented bands, inspiring friends and streamlined operations we hold deat that get the result you secrelty or outright pine for. Thanks for having us on your radar and we will see you at the next show. Keep on trouting up, Portland and wherever you take yourself, will be there. No pants, no pressure, no worries!

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No Pants Records:

About Matt Danger

Fiery, jovial punk rock

Matt Danger

3 friends, 3 sets of thighs, and 1 night to trout up and enjoy their guitarge à trois mélange of songs, jokes, and some good old fashioned heckling in the now 15% less smelly downtown Portland area of the conveniently located at McMenamins Al's Den Annex! (just a couple blocks down from Crystal Ballroom!) Come enjoy some dranks, foods, laughters, occasional leakage from the eyes and crotch as these guys aim to vie to serenade you with their luscious melodies and songs as they have been for well over some 15+ years (but somehow not old!), as Portland's own No Pants Records is elated, honored, and brimming with passionate juices to present to you this intimate acoustic menagerie straight from the heart, sub-cockles and lungs. NOW with 25% more after-care! (a better value!) Won't you moisten up your chaps with us and prepare to consume thy joy posthaste? WE ARE EITHER WAY