Thursday, May 30, 2024

Burnside Rose and Norwester Sky

8 p.m.

$10 in advance, $10 at the doors

21 and over

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Burnside Rose

Burnside Rose

Burnside Rose, is an Americana rock band from Portland, Oregon, weaving a musical tapestry fueled by passion and heritage. Led by singer/songwriter John Q. Porter, whose roots trace back four generations in the City of Roses, the band encapsulates the essence of the Pacific Northwest.

With Chaz Holmes on drums & vocals, Michael Yates on bass & vocals, and Steve Thun on keyboard wizardry, Burnside Rose boasts a lineup that seamlessly blends experience and creativity. Collectively they have more than 100 years rocking stages across the region.

The heart of Burnside Rose lies in John Q. Porter's songwriting, spanning more than 25 years. His lyrics, delivered with a voice that carries the weight of stories untold, paint pictures of life, love, and the essence of the American spirit. Influenced by legends like Willie Nelson, Mark Knopfler, Bob Marley, Wilco and the Grateful Dead, their music captures the timeless spirit of Americana with a modern twist.

Prepare to be transported to a place where the past meets the present, and the colorful melodies of Burnside Rose resonate with the very spirit of Northwest Americana.


Norwester Sky

Norwester Sky

Norwestery Sky features alt-country tunes and western jams from Portland, Oregon. Stripped down to let it breathe with a little country twang in the vocals to fill the air. Swirling with lyrical guitar jams that take you places. And a thick swampy groove to sit back in, nod your head, and stomp your foot all night long. Sometimes the sky will open up and let it pour out. Playing together in various formations for more than a decade, Norwester Sky fits like an old baseball glove. Original tunes that feel timeless, these fellas take great pride in their craft and love to jam. The outfit consists of Christopher John Mead (vocals, guitar), Mac Brown (vocals, guitar), Brian Bottigliero (vocals, bass), and Austin Stewart (vocals, drums). You might recognize these fellas from several other Portland groups, including Dead Sometimes, Five Fingers of Funk, Christopher John Mead, Austin Stewart Quartet, and Cow Paddy Stompers.





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