Friday, June 28, 2024

Send Help

Crystal Hotel - Al's Den

6:30 p.m. doors, 7 p.m. show

$20 in advance, $20 at the door

21 and over

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About Send Help

Send Help

Send Help! The only comedy show that guarantees both laughs and a confidence boost...your life is definitely going better than any of ours!!

Comedian, and self-proclaimed toilet fire, Cait Chock, set out to produce a show boldly divulging, and making fun of, our most cringeworthy calamities, mortifying secrets, and life mishaps. Basically all of the reasons one is failing in life.

Thus, Send Help! was born and each month Cait hosts some of the absolute BEST comedians across the Pacific Northwest to grace the stage, delight the audience, and partake in the battle of the most disastrous. All of these comedians need 'help' but only one will be crowned the 'Human Toilet Fire' by the end of the night, voted on by the wonderful audience themselves!

Cait Chock is a NorCal native who watched her Olympic dreams go up in flames. After setting the US High School Record for 5k and signing to run professionally for Nike, she was hit by a car while running. The hit and run driver ripped off her right leg and put the nail in the coffin of her career. She turned to comedy as the only thing to get her through depression, bounced from LA to Portland, fell in love with stand-up, and dumps all of her waking and insomniac hours into her re-do dream.

Cait has turned to humor as her coping mechanism to survive the trauma that is life and by proxy is providing you laughs!

This show HAS to be a hit because these comedians truly have absolutely nothing else going for them except for the fact that they are funny!! So for the love of Dog, let these human toilet fires make you laugh because that's honestly all you can do when your life is ablaze.

JOIN US and come feel better about yourself!