Friday, 20 December 2024

The Rumba Kings

7pm doors, 8pm show

$53.99 advance or $59.99 day of show | $63.99 advance or $69.99 day of show (first three rows)

All ages welcome

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This is a seated event

About The Rumba Kings

The Rumba Kings

This live performance, already making waves in the Pacific Northwest, offers a unique opportunity to catch The Rumba Kings in our intimate theater before they soar to international acclaim. Their latest single, "Dance with Me," is garnering praise from top radio personality Delilah, shared widely on her social media. KNKX has been a steadfast supporter of the band's live shows and music since their inception.

The name "The Rumba Kings" might be misleading; while the band includes rumba-style songs reminiscent of the Gipsy Kings, they are far from exclusively a rumba band. In fact, The Rumba Kings draw from a wide array of influences in both their music and live performances.
The heart of the show revolves around romantic, passionate, and beautiful music presented with an exhilarating performance. Centered around the Spanish guitar, the show features a string quartet and various other instruments. Approximately 30% of the show includes special appearances by four guest vocalists, while the majority is dedicated to instrumental music.

The carefully curated music, instrumentation, and guest vocalists aim to appeal to all ages and demographics, creating a truly international show. A Dancer is seamlessly incorporated into specific musical segments, reflecting the regions native to the music being performed.

The Rumba Kings' signature style of nylon-guitar driven music is a blend of romance, soul, and passion, delivered with an energetic and emotionally-impactful live performance. Showmanship takes center stage as guitarist George Stevens integrates a visual aspect by dancing while playing and engaging with the crowd, and sometimes entering into the crowd.

The shows predominantly feature instrumental music, resembling a hybrid of artists like Yanni and The Gipsy Kings. A string quartet, top-level musicians, dance segments, vocal performances (including duets), and enchanting music collectively create an experience that transitions seamlessly from mesmerizing moments to lively dancing.

Whether you're a seasoned Rumba Kings enthusiast or a newcomer, the newly designed shows for 2024 promise a must-see experience on a different level. Each show is meticulously crafted with new music, set-lists, guest vocalists, dancers, and cultural segments, ensuring a unique spectacle every time.

Musical Director Johnny Bacolas describes the new show as closely resembling a Vegas production, featuring a variety of music, show segments, and guest musicians entering the stage at different times. It's the ultimate opportunity to get dressed up for a classy night out, whether enjoying the show with dinner or drinks.

In the words of lead guitarist and co-founder George Stevens, "If it isn't beautiful, it doesn't make the cut."

Join us for an evening of breathtaking music and incredible showmanship with The Rumba Kings.



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