Saturday, April 20, 2024

John Nilsen and Swimfish

Grand Lodge - Garage Door

7pm to 10pm


All ages welcome

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About John Nilsen and Swimfish

Original folk-rock especial

John Nilsen and Swimfish

It's sometimes surprising when a band writes some of its own material. SWIMFISH is a colorful band featuring high quality, original folk/rock music. The line up is bass, drums, guitar, piano, mandolin, harmonica & vocals, but their focus lies in first class songwriting. Of course they play some cover tunes, but they are full time musicians/recording artists who also compose great music and Yamaha Piano Artist/band leader John Nilsen's one million plus record sales warrant it. SWIMFISH has a unique sound. Singer/songwriter originality based on cultural experience makes them special. The debut CD by SWIMFISH, John Nilsen & SWIMFISH, was played throughout the USA on radio to positive reviews. Late founding member of the major rock band, AMERICA, Dan Peek, wrote, " Major kudos on your CD. The music is superb, the lyrics inspired and the production/ arranging are top notch. The songwriting hangs together well and the tracks flow, carving out a groove like a river carves a canyon. You deserve to be heard." The Oregonian says, "John Nilsen's career is the envy of many musicians." John Nilsen & SWIMFISH released, Two Stories, their 4th CD in Dec. 2022. Consisting of John Nilsen - guitar, piano vocals / Don Woodward - guitar, mandolin, harmonica, vocals / Mike Snyder - drums, percussion / Dave Captein - bass / Bob Logue - guitar, vocals, SWIMFISH came into existence as John Nilsen's guitar and vocal band when taking a break from his demanding international piano career. Don Woodward was the first SWIMFISH member to sign on as the two had grown up as next door neighbors and taught each other to play guitar as teenagers. Mike Snyder, who has long played with many of the finest musicians in the NW and had been on numerous John Nilsen recording sessions, joined the band followed by bassist Dave Captein, capable of improvisation and complementary bassist. Guitarist & vocalist, Bob Logue, is a longstanding veteran guitarist/vocalist of the NW music scene and a seasoned songwriter and performer. John Nilsen and SWIMFISH are finding their groove with all new material. That should come as no surprise.