Wednesday, 06 March 2024

Babers + J.Graves + Moon Palace + Sundogs

6pm doors, 7pm show

$10 advance or $15 day of show

All ages welcome

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About Babers


BABERS is a best friend rock-band residing on the west coast fronted by Dana Cargioli & Lisa Haagen.

The music sits in a catchy pocket that almost pushes all the way into pop music- while serving syncopated rhythms and counter melodies that add complexity. Rooted in the electric guitar, the songs satisfy a nostalgic craving whilst also providing a taste of something new. The dual leads have distinct voices that blend into sister-like harmonies of high emotional impact.

The high energy band provides a number of unique visual elements through their shared musicality - the band switches instruments fluidly throughout the set. A visual peak in the set involves Lisa Haagen drumming percussively on the acoustic guitar (think August Rush or Kaki King) while singing what stylistically remains a rock-pop song that builds to include the full band.

The band first formed in Los Angeles and relocated to Portland, OR in fall of 2020. The band has spent the last couple years building a strong live tour route along the west coast, one fan at a time.

BABERS is currently recording their sophomore album which will be released in Summer of 2024.




About J. Graves

J. Graves

J. Graves is setting out to pioneer something different, with bandleader Jessa Graves squeezing together a tightly packed ball of anger, grief, and acceptance in her latest album Fortress of Fun - an outpouring of wild fury and plaintive sadness with a dark, angular sound.
Big new ideas abound, not just musically, but conceptually, too. COVID's onset in March 2020 forced musicians worldwide to adapt creatively to the impending digital-only era, so it's rare to see true innovation in an otherwise saturated market, but J. Graves have come up with a captivating idea: a "choose your own adventure" album.

Wanting to do something with a little more depth that would engage audiences creatively while welcoming listeners into their experience, the idea was borne from finding a choose-your-own-adventure book in a sci-fi themed studio during the recording process of previous album Deathbed. Early 2020 was tough for the band; like many artists, their built-up momentum was quickly shuttered by COVID's insurgence. So, in mid-2020, the band went on a getaway to the coast, and the house they were staying in - lit up at night next to the dark ocean - became known as their "fortress of fun," a title that seems immediately at odds with the album's often-dark undertones, but one that nonetheless suits Graves's fight to stay in the light.

In that sense, the album exists in two states: the first a mournful and mysterious effort that parses waves of difficult emotions; the second a lush, eclectic undertaking that puts listeners and viewers at the forefront of the band's collective imagination. Each song from the album comes with a video, through which viewer/listeners can make choices that will lead to further interactive videos. Though the songs are, thematically and contextually, fully distinct from their choose-your-own-adventure video counterparts, the emotion remains raw and real, and J. Graves, with the help of mixer/producer Sylvia Massy, has fine-tuned their sound like never before into something simultaneously painful and buoyant.

J. Graves is Aaron MacDonald (drums), Kelly Clifton (bass), and Jessa Graves (guitar, vocals).




About Moon Palace

Moon Palace

Moon Palace is a band that draws inspiration from dreamy, vast landscapes and the raw emotion of human relationships. Sibling harmonies are a key component of their sound, creating a unique blend of voices that is both powerful and intimate. Their latest album, "Love Lost," explores the complexities of love and relationships through a series of hauntingly beautiful songs. Each track tells a unique story and creates a vivid soundscape that transports listeners to different emotional states. With heart-wrenching lyrics and intricate instrumentals, "Love Lost" showcases the immense talent of each member of Moon Palace. The album is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates honest, raw, and emotionally charged music. You can find "Love Lost" on all major streaming platforms or visit Moon Palace's Bandcamp page to support their work directly.

About Sundogs


Birthed from the deserts of Las Vegas, Nevada, and nurtured through a healthy diet of punk, hardcore, and metal, Sundogs stormed onto local stages looking to fuse the boundaries between several alternative genres, disinterested in being boxed into a status quo.
Founded by guitarist Hunter Chaffee and drummer Edwyn Krueger, they soon recruited vocalist Angie Phoxs and bassist Alek Rodriguez. Sundogs have always held onto the importance of matching internal fury with profound emotional downfalls both lyrically and instrumentally. They embrace the distinctions each band member brings to the table to compose a modern atmosphere while acknowledging those who paved the road for them.
This was evident with Sundog's 2023 release Demo EP. The result was a clear-cut, fierce, and truly diverse sound that boasts sprinkles of midwest emo, pop punk, hardcore and nu-metal. With the demo tracks "Goth Girl (step on me)" and "Fuck Thy Radio" leading their growing charge on streaming platforms, Sundogs plan to release more singles soon leading towards a studio album.




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