Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Hogshead Whiskey’s 22nd Birthday

All day

All ages welcome
21+ to sample

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About Hogshead Whiskey’s 22nd Birthday

Hogshead Whiskey’s 22nd Birthday

Happy birthday to a true original! We’re celebrating with specials all day.

Shot of Hogshead $7.50
Taste (quarter shot) $2

Call Me Old Fashioned $9.50
Hogshead Whiskey, Angostura bitters & maple syrup

Hogshead Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Fried chicken, Hogshead honey mustard mayo, romaine and pickle chips on a bun

Hogshead Whiskey

Hogshead Whiskey is distilled with a passing nod to the great Scotch, Irish and Bourbon distillers, before striking off on its own. Boasting a palate-pleasing combination of malty spirit - reminiscent of the malted barley grain that began the process - and the smoky, vanilla sweet-wood that surrounds the spirit until bottling, Hogshead is a rich, amber-hued whiskey.