Thursday, January 25, 2024

Cascade Rye

Kalama Harbor Lodge - Harbor Lounge



All ages welcome

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About Cascade Rye

Americana Roots

Cascade Rye

Cascade Rye was formed out of several roots music/americana bands throughout the last 20 years. Oregon native, bassist/guitarist/songwriter Jake Payne has been the one constant name attached to these projects. His musical adventures have taken him all over the country- including several engagements throughout Texas. Capped by his multi-year residence in that much reputed musical city, Austin, TX. It was after a series of shows at the 2007 South By Southwest Festival that Payne returned to his home state where he met fellow Oregon native, Kalyn Rich-first bringing her on as a drummer. Unbeknownst to Payne, this new acquaintance was a musical prowess in her own right. Impressive guitar work, mandolin and vocal abilities, paired with her vivid songwriting prompted the creation of a new group altogether, Cascade Rye. Named after the breathtaking Willamette Valley in western Oregon. The pair married in 2010.

A flexible band, Cascade Rye can hold its own as an acoustic duo and the couple toured in just such a permutation for a few years. However, the energy and explicit engagement of a backing band became a sonic priority and longtime musical partners Scott Eastburn and Kevin Van Walk joined the musical family. Eastburn accompanies on banjo, providing a foundation of roots music ornamentation and flourishes. Van Walk's solid-time drumming and often minimalist percussive set-ups belie his background in experimental jazz and ambient sound design. Recently, the band welcomed newest member and virtuoso, George Virtue, on keys- thus completing 'the sound'. You must hear it to believe it. Lives will change...Worlds will shatter! Universes will, well, you get the picture.

The challenges of making music in an increasingly saturated market has not derailed Cascade Rye from forging ahead with its commitment to crafting original songs and sounds. The music world is full of categories and sub-categories. Is Cascade Rye Country? Roots Rock? Singer-Songwriter? All of that and then some!

Digging beneath the monotony of society's daily grind, Cascade Rye addresses the emotions and existentialism of life with all its ups and downs; faith, hope, love, disappointment and pain. It is within this shared reality of our humanity that Cascade Rye excels in bringing audiences together with diverse backgrounds and experiences. When you're in the crowd, you're part of the family. Now let's all get along, ya hear?