Friday, December 1, 2023

Ryan Van Dordrecht

Megan Diana

Crystal Hotel - Al's Den

6:30 pm doors, 7 pm show

$10 advance, $10 at the doors
Limited seating; advanced tickets do not guarantee seats. Standing room available.

21 and over

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About Ryan Van Dordrecht

Ryan Van Dordrecht

Ryan Van Dordrecht, a musical force to be reckoned with, has an impressive track record in the world of music. He previously played with pop-Americana band Sidestar, securing opening slots alongside heavyweights like Cake and Death Cab for Cutie, and establishing themselves in the Northwest college circuit.

Taking his talents to new heights, Ryan ventured into the realm of emo alt-rock with Castella, a band that amassed a staggering 10 million Spotify streams. Their dynamic performances saw them sharing stages with Gin Blossoms, Jude, and the incomparable Storm Large.

In 2014, Ryan unleashed his solo debut, "Beast Of Love." The album's standout track, "Great American Life," accumulated an impressive 20K streams without the aid of marketing support. Along the way, Ryan collaborated with industry titans such as Joe Chiccarelli (known for working with The Shins and Beck), two-time Grammy-nominated producer Rian Lewis (notable for his work with Doja Cat), as well as Rob Stroup (associated with the legendary Storm Large) and Rob Daiker (famous for his contributions to Katy Perry's music).

Ryan is currently on tour, presenting his forthcoming masterpiece, "Undone." This 10-song collection is a finely-crafted, 1970s-style singer-songwriter album infused with an indie-soul-Americana flair, promising to leave audiences spellbound.



About Megan Diana

Megan Diana

Step into the ethereal world of Megan Diana, where Dream Country Disco unfolds its sequined covered tapestry. Leading the charge in this new genre, Megan weaves together enchanting melodies with a touch of vintage keyboard magic and her ethereal vocals.

With masterful strokes, she takes her Fender Rhodes, guides it through an echo pedal, giving birth to extra layers of atmosphere & rhythm . Lush layers of French horn infuse her music with an otherworldly aura, while throwback drum grooves ground each beat with that good nostalgia - to top it all off Megan sprinkles in spacey-racey pedal steel guitar for an extra touch of cosmic beauty.

Megan is currently engrossed in presenting her highly anticipated second album - "Cabin Fever." Delving deeper into uncharted realms of musical invention, pushing boundaries and dancing under any disco ball she can find (or bring to the venue). Let's Boogie!