Friday, October 13, 2023

Edgefield's 32nd Harvest Vintners Dinner


7 pm

$150 per person

21 and over

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About Edgefield's 32nd Harvest Vintners Dinner

Edgefield's 32nd Harvest Vintners Dinner

It all began with an abandoned poor farm, a black rabbit and big ideas. After leaping the myriad hurdles (though certainly not in a single bound) that come with acquiring acres of land and a newly anointed historic site (formerly poor farm), McMenamins opened the Edgefield Winery and planted the Halsey Street vineyard in 1990. The first grapes harvested were Gamay Noir from Chehalem Mountain Vineyards (one of Oregon’s oldest vineyards), followed by Chehalem’s Riesling. With that 1990 harvest we crafted our very first wines, a dry white and a white Riesling, and released them the following spring. Soon, others followed.

By 1994 we were making more styles, and when it came time to name what would become our signature Black Rabbit Red, the inspiration was obvious: back in the early days a group of McMenamins folk stood in the midst of the madness, trying to envision the property’s future. Talk stopped as they spotted a black rabbit, which hopped by and disappeared into its hole. That rabbit became legendary, inspiring not just wine and art, but an attitude – that of exploration, a “down the rabbit hole” way of experiencing what McMenamins has to offer.

This year we celebrate our 32nd harvest, which we mark with the Vintners Dinner: an estate-grown, multicourse meal with our harvest staff, including foie gras bon bons, filet mignon, caramel tres leches cake and much more – all paired with our signature wines and years of winemaking tradition, innovation and trips down the rabbit hole.