Saturday, October 21, 2023

Tigers of Youth

Hotel Oregon - Mattie's Room



All ages welcome

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About Tigers of Youth

Bright-edged soul-rock

Tigers of Youth

Indie rock with a power pop sensibility.

Honest lyrics, enriched with stories and meanings that are meant to help spark deeper thinking. A project that always acknowledges the worth and beauty of the individual, as well as the vital importance of life in community.

Music that is dance-able only to the awkward and those with the best imaginations.

Songwriter Dave Wentz drove from Baltimore to Portland after feeling a desire to start a fresh music project; one with a cohesive vision that involved not only creating meaningful music, but also embodied a vibrantly inclusive community, marked by authentic relationships, and hope.

He met Jon and Cliff shortly after moving to Portland, and they started exchanging musical ideas, sharing vision for a new project, called "Tigers of Youth".

"Tigers of Youth", in both name and idea, is a reflection of being young at heart, and believing in living life from a place of courage and hope.

Music that is dance-able to those with a good imagination.

Dragons are real, FYI.