Sunday, October 8, 2023

Dylan Martell

Edgefield - Winery Tasting Room

7pm to 9pm


21 and over

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About Dylan Martell

Dylan Martell

Dylan Martell is the primary songwriter and vocalist for Cedar Teeth, a five-piece roots rock band based in Portland, Oregon. A born and raised Willamette Valley product and proud Oregonian, when not with Cedar Teeth, Dylan plays anything and everything from over two decades of songwriting. Drawing influence from the folk slingers of the 60s and a lover of contemporary indie rock and modern folk, his catalogue runs the gamut from personal songs of woe to covers of others songs of woe to pop-laden songs of woe. Regardless of all these tales of woe, Dylan's solo acoustic performances invite the audience on a sonic journey that is as ribaldous and spirited, as it is cathartic.