Saturday, October 28, 2023

Halloween Party with Sonny Hess

Sonny Hess & Kathryn Grimm

Kalama Harbor Lodge

Live music 7-10pm

All ages welcome

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About Halloween Party with Sonny Hess

Halloween Party with Sonny Hess

All treats at our Halloween Party, no tricking! An evening of free live music with Sonny Hess.

Live Music

Sonny Hess & Kathryn Grimm * 7-10pm
Old 97 Room

About Sonny Hess & Kathryn Grimm

Sonny Hess & Kathryn Grimm

StrumBroads consists of the spirited duo, Sonny Hess & Kathryn Grimm. This guitar-slinging singer-songwriting pair fleshed out their two woman show with a full female ensemble in their debut full-length album, "Smoke". "Smoke" showcases the beautiful confluence of two women's harmonies & guitar styles, highlighting the diversity & strengths each brings to the project, while cleverly bringing together elements of rock, blues, jazz and pop.
Fellow Portland, OR based musicians Leah Hinchcliff (bass) & Ward Griffiths (drums) bring funk flavors to the table as the rhythm, section. "Smoke also showcases guest-stars blues legend Myrtle Brown, vocalist/ co-writer Jonnie Sue Goodmanson, & violist Teri Untalan.