Saturday, September 30, 2023

Dark Oz

Hotel Oregon - Paragon Room

7:30pm - 9:30pm


All ages welcome

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About Dark Oz

Dark Oz

Combining the terseness and angst of 90s plaid-clad guitar rock with the jangle of 60s garage pop, Dark Oz describes itself as "garunge." It has gone through multiple mutations, beginning in San Francisco as a solo acoustic project consisting of singer/songwriter Frank Meriwether and then, in Portland, going through a markedly punk-induced intense period of recording and touring with Lorien Bourne (a.k.a. Styx) on drums. Bourne died while on tour in Montana. Frank released the EP Piratas! they had finished tracking before going on tour, and Dark Oz reformed as a 3-piece with Miguel Rivera on drums and Geoff Unger on bass. An EP, Alligators, was born from this lineup. After losing his job as a freight train conductor at the beginning of covid, Frank returned to his hometown on the east coast for two years. After coming back to Portland in 2022, Frank started putting together a new lineup of multi-instrumentalists. He recruited drummer Hic Fiat from the Shriekers, a 60s garage punk band Frank had played in before covid. Miguel Rivera switched to bass for most performances and filled in on drums occasionally but always provided a rock solid rhythmic feel. Lead guitarist Nick Linday brought some much needed technical prowess the band's guitar sounds and vocal style. Finally, keyboardist and guitarist Matt Boney was added as the fifth member to tie the new larger sound together. What started as one man's limited vision had become a collaboration of gifted and imaginative musicians capable of breaking down musical barriers between generations and genres.