Monday, 02 October 2023

Mac Sabbath

The Cybertronic Spree

Playboy Manbaby

6:30 pm doors, 7:30 pm show

$28.50 advance or $35 day of show - $100 Mezzanine

All ages welcome

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About Mac Sabbath

Mac Sabbath

Why do we care about a disturbed clown named Ronald Osborne? A clown who's convinced he traveled through a wormhole in the time-space continuum from the 1970's with a band of Monsanto mutants named Slayer MacCheeze, Grimalice and the Cat Burglar? Because they are here to save us from the disastrously decayed synthetic state of music and sustenance! THAT'S WHY! Mixing raucous comedy with borderline-horrific theatrics, the only thing more petrifying than the impending health problems resulting from years of overeating fast food is a MAC SABBATH show. The gruesome foursome was recently seen performing their song, "Sweet Beef," for the Prince Of DarknessTM himself, Ozzy Osbourne on the American idiot box. MAC SABBATH puts on a multimedia stage show complete with a smoking grill, laser-eyed clowns, bouncing burgers and many more magical surprises! Basically, everything a theatrical rock show consumer has been jonesing for. 


About The Cybertronic Spree

The Cybertronic Spree

The Cybertronic Spree are here on Earth with one critical mission: To party like it's 1986! These rockstars in disguise play music from The Transformers: The Movie, plus themes from hit films, cartoons, video games, and more.


About Playboy Manbaby

Playboy Manbaby



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