Saturday, October 7, 2023


Grand Lodge

All day

Free to attend

All ages welcome

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About Oktoberfest



Oktoberfest means celebration and beer - so we're serving up tasty German-style specials, plenty of beer, and live music as a backdrop to it all. Prost!

McMenamins Oktoberfest Lager

Celebrate a longtime tradition with a traditional beer. We make this lager only once each year for our Oktoberfest celebrations – but it’s great for drinking anytime or place! Turn up the accordion, pour a pint in the autumn sun, and celebrate harvest season and beer.

Live Music

at Pat's Corner
2-3:30pm * Darka Dusty & The Borshch Beatniks
4-5:30pm * BundyBand Sweet Preserves
6-7:30pm * Trashcan Joe
8-10pm * Lucky Beacoup

at the Garage Door
2-4pm * Malderine
4:30 * 6:30pm - Rosa Linda
7-10pm * Vagabond Empire

About Darka Dusty & The Borshch Beatniks

Old World Soul Music

Darka Dusty & The Borshch Beatniks

Darka Dusty is a life-long musician living in Portland, Oregon. As a singer, Darka is known for her big voice and likes to genre-hop from blues to jazz to country as well as sing in Ukrainian, the language of her ancestors. Born in Detroit, Darka dedicated the early part of her musical life to Ukrainian music as part of the NYC-based duo, "Darka & Slavko" who produced five critically-acclaimed records and traveled to Europe several times, winning "Best International Band" at the first non-Soviet Ukrainian Pop Music Festival.

Darka currently sings, teaches, plays piano and accordion as a soloist and with several Portland bands, including her own bands "Darka Dusty and the Borscht Beatniks" and "Mammoth in Space."

In addition to creating music, Darka is also a published writer and coowner of, a full-service photography company in Portland, OR.



About The BundyBand "Sweet Preserves" Jazz Band

The BundyBand "Sweet Preserves" Jazz Band

Inspired by the music and spirit of Preservation Hall The BundyBand "Sweet Preserves" Jazz Band focuses specifically on the "traditional jazz" style of New Orleans. This show will feature classic trad jazz standards, wild group jams, and second-line grooves that we hope will transport your spirit back to St. Peter Street in the French Quarter.

About Trashcan Joe

2-step / Blues / Jazz

Trashcan Joe

“Trashcan Joe is a marvel, a wonder that defies categorization in any sort of contemporary setting.” Don Campbell, The Oregonian

Trashcanjo n. [trash kan jo] A banjo made out of a trashcan. Ideology based on maximum musical output from recycled minimum input. Coffee brewed in a trash can.

Soaring vocal harmonies and modern song writing set in a soundscape harkening to the early jazz era; Trashcan Joe has a unique sound with a broad appeal. The fact that the instruments are made from recycled and found objects is quickly lost to their stellar musicianship. It’s no wonder they are a steadily working live band and have performed at events such as Pickathon, Burning Man, Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Live Wire, The Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle, Oregon Country Fair, and were the house band at the Candidates Gone Wild at the Roseland Theater.

Trashcan Joe also has soundtrack work on the resumé. They scored the music for the Aurora award winning OPB special Zig-Zag which explores the stories of several Portland area commuters. Later came the feature motion picture Lipstick and Dynamite, which chronicles the history of women’s wrestling and includes TJoe music as part of the soundtrack. TCJ was well received at NYC’s 2008 Tribeca Film Festival in the film “The Auteur.” Most recently they licensed music for a TV commercial by American Family Insurance.
Cap’n James Cook  is vocals and creator of the Trashcanjo, the Trashcan Bass, the Tuborgan, and the Can o’ PA. The beloved founder has written more songs than you and your three best friends combined. He is a former member of the Wags, and current member of Ipanemia.
Jason Wells is vocals, cornet, zob stick, and lead extrovert. He is the composer of some of Tjoe’s most memorable songs. While his cornet isn’t actually made from a trash can, he claims to affect a “trashy style”. A member of March Fourth Marching Band, and engineer of Trashcan Joe recordings, at his studio Audiowells.

Mike Danner is vocals, accordion, melodica, a tuborgan honey-voiced singer, and a slick jazz accordionist. Mike was featured on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Art Beat; performs solo and with his band Velvida Underground. He has an Accordion Crimes website that features duets with Portland’s premier songwriters.

Yascha Noonberg is trashcan bass, and vocals. In his the band Calynco, he is the master of the steel drum. In Trashcan Joe he is the master of a much more refined instrument, the steel trashcan bass. A true musical alchemist, Yascha can turn garbage into gold at will. The owner of Starfish Studios, he records and teaches some of Portland’s best musicians, all while making bubbling and gurgling noises.

Trashcan Joe is what you have, and that is more than enough – Joe

Official Website:

Facebook page:

About Lucky Beaucoup

Lucky Beaucoup

Born on Mardi Gras 2019, Lucky Beaucoup brings the soul and spirit of the holiday to every event and party with their brand of "Cajun Flavored Swamp Funk & High Brass Boogie".

About Malderine


Malderine is a singer/songwriter who performs music from one iconic era to another. From Patsy Cline, the Mamas and Papas, Dolly Parton to Blondie, her wide vocal range bridges generations of music from classic rock to jazz, blues and country. In addition to these timeless favorites, she sprinkles in original songs inviting audiences into a world where her voice and creativity shine.

About Rosa Linda

Rosa Linda

Rosa Linda & Frank are a Latinx/Indigenous duo from Portland, Oregon who formed in 2015. Their unique sound is attributed to their Indigenous (Dine, Kawaik, & Mexica) and Latin heritage alike; pulling from a wide range of genres ranging from Blues, R&B, Indie, Pop, to Soul.

About Vagabond Empire

Vagabond Empire

A new solo project by former Three Times Bad and Critters band leader Sam Caine, VAGABOND EMPIRE reimagines the Great American Songbook for a post-pandemic America. The music spans one hundred years of memorable melodies, danceable rhythms, and soulful energy. Caine's roots as a singer/songwriter, guitarist/storyteller, and banjo picker dig deep into the expansive Americana tradition that includes vaudeville, ragtime, Dixieland, Cotton Club, Gypsy swing, folk, blues, bluegrass, country, honkytonk, and more. The VE set list is a mix of dynamic originals and updates on timeless tunes popularized by legendary artists like Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams, and the Rolling Stones.