Sunday, September 24, 2023



Live music all day starting at noon

Free to attend

All ages welcome

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About Oktoberfest



Oktoberfest means celebration and beer - so we're serving up tasty German-style specials, plenty of beer, and live music as a backdrop to it all. Plus, face painting and balloon artist.

Plant Sale 11am-5pm * Estate produce, plants, seeds & gifts from the garden

Oktoberfest Lager

We make this lager only once each year for our annual celebration - but it's great for drinking anytime or place! Turn up the accordion, pour a pint in the autumn sun, and celebrate harvest season and beer with us.

Live Music

at the Red Shed
12-1:30pm * Bob Kasnick
2pm-3pm * Tribal Heart BellyDance
3:30-5pm * Festival Brass
5:30-7pm * Smut City Jellyroll Society
7:30-9pm * Lewi & the Left Coast Roasters

at Blackberry Hall
12-1pm * Swiss Alphorns
1:30-3pm * Polkaticians
3:30-5pm * Darka Dusty & The Borshch Beatniks
5:30pm-7pm * Chervona
7:30-9pm * Festival Brass

About Tribal Heart BellyDance

Tribal Heart BellyDance

Tribal Heart Bellydance is an improvisational dance troupe based in Portland, Oregon, whose style of dance began in this area more than 20 years ago. We are women of all ages and sizes who celebrate life and engage community through dance, just as women have been doing since ancient times. With roots in cultures around the world, we offer this powerful and positive collective energy with our dance and music. Special guests include Jewels and dance company Instar Alchemy, who seeks to bring joy, beauty, magic mystery and grace to every performance.

About Festival Brass

Festival Brass

Festival Brass performs traditional, authentic Bläsermusik up and down the West Coast. The group’s fun-loving programs are thoroughly rooted in German folk and festival music; they are the “real deal.” The group combines energetic performances with exceptional musicianship to deliver a memorable entertainment experience.

About The Smut City Jellyroll Society

The Smut City Jellyroll Society

With a unique sound somewhere between ragtime, blues, early jazz, and jugband music, the Smut City Jellyroll Society delivers a driving syncopated swing that gets dancers out on the floor. Influenced by artists of the 1920s and 30s like Bessie Smith, The Harlem Hamfats, Memphis Minnie, and Blind Boy Fuller, this wild bunch of fun-loving musicians have a few originals in their repertoire as well.


About Lewi & the Left Coast Roasters

Good songs, deep roots and fun

Lewi & the Left Coast Roasters

Lewi Longmire has built a reputation as Portland's multi-instrumentalist "go to guy." In the years since relocating to Portland from Albuquerque, New Mexico, he's been included on shows and recordings by many of the Northwest's finest bands and songwriters. He's played with national acts Michael Hurley, Victoria Williams, Dolorean, AgesandAges, Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside, Blue Giant/Viva Voce/The Robinsons, Dolorean, the Minus 5, Breathe Owl Breathe and Tara Jane O'Neill as well as local luminaries Denver, The Portland Country Underground, Midlo/Pancake Breakfast, Quiet Life, Fernando, James Low, Perhapst, Electric Ill, Little Sue, Casey Neill, Michael Jodell, the Freak Mountain Ramblers, and is an anchor member of Portland's all-star tribute to the Allman Brothers, Brothers and Sister. 

Recently, though, Lewi has taken all the things he learned from working with these fine performers and has been spending his time leading a roots rock/americana band of his own, singing his own compositions. This group owes much to the American tradition of good songs played with high energy, deep roots, and an unpretentious sense of fun. Their sound finds the connection between the basement feel of The Band, the raspy blue-eyed soul of Joe Cocker, the desert space of Giant Sand, the "without a net" deep space improvisations of the San Francisco ballrooms, the punk abandon of The Stooges and the quiet contemplation of Neil Young playing solo.

Helping achieve this are THE LEFT COAST ROASTERS, a band of stalwart Portland musicians. Bill Rudolph (bass and vocals) played with the Crackpots and Little Sue for years, driving their home crowd into an energetic frenzy with his low tones. Ned Folkerth (drums) has toured the world over with many groups, including the midwest's Pinetop Seven and Portland's own Caleb Klauder Band, always laying down the perfect groove to cure whatever ails ya. Newest addition Dan Eccles (guitar) has most often been seen in the band Richmond Fontaine or backing up local rock legend Fernando.


About Swiss Alphorns

Swiss Alphorns

Gayle and Phil Neuman will perform a program of Swiss music on a pair of traditional alphorns. These 12 foot long wooden horns, originally used to call cows in from the hillsides, are played like brass instruments but the notes are reached without the use of keys or valves. Also, Swiss dances played on a pair of flageolets will be included.

About Polkaticians


The Polkaticians band was formed in 2018 by Dan and Rob Rayfield. The band is composed of professional, semi-professional and amateur musicians who have "banded" together to play polka and traditional jazz music. They were awarded best musical group at their first public performance in the 2018 Corvallis Holiday Parade. They have followed that with four appearances on a float in the Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade, opening for a session of the Oregon State Senate, and appearances at both the Mt. Angel and Oaks Park Octoberfest celebrations.

About Darka Dusty & The Borshch Beatnicks

Old World Soul Music

Darka Dusty & The Borshch Beatnicks

Darka Dusty is a life-long musician living in Portland, Oregon. As a singer, Darka is known for her big voice and likes to genre-hop from blues to jazz to country as well as sing in Ukrainian, the language of her ancestors. Born in Detroit, Darka dedicated the early part of her musical life to Ukrainian music as part of the NYC-based duo, "Darka & Slavko" who produced five critically-acclaimed records and traveled to Europe several times, winning "Best International Band" at the first non-Soviet Ukrainian Pop Music Festival.

Darka currently sings, teaches, plays piano and accordion as a soloist and with several Portland bands, including her own bands "Darka Dusty and the Borscht Beatniks" and "Mammoth in Space."

In addition to creating music, Darka is also a published writer and coowner of, a full-service photography company in Portland, OR.



About Chervona

NW ultimate party band


The band started practicing in Nov of 2006, and within first weeks of its existence they played at “Gypsymania” – gypsy dance discotheque created by Gogol Bordello’s debaucher D.J. Dimon. After their first public appearances they rapidly gained popularity in their hometown. In 2007 Chervona played some special appearances with world famous Manu Chao and Gogol Bordello. By 2009 Chervona have shared stage with most exciting and famous Portland’s bands including March Forth, 3 Leg Torso, Vagabond Opera, Portland Cello Project and many more.

In addition to countless street and club performances around pacific NW Chervona has played quite a few big stages, among them: Bite of Oregon, Northwest Folk Life festival in Seattle, Slavic Festival and Oregon Country Fair in Eugene, Red Marines festival in California, Under Volcano Festival in Vancouver (BC), Portland Polish Festival, Portland Pirate Festival, April Fool’s Day Carnivals, Revolution Party in Portland and many others.

In 2008, Chervona appeared in Hale Mednick's locally produced, directed and shot independent film Messiah Complex. Two of their songs,"Chervona Wine"and "Girlfriends are a Pain", were featured on the soundtrack. "Messiah Complex" planned for screening at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.

Chervona at its very first year playing City Repair benefit show 2007, opening for 3 Leg Torso.

During its first 4 years Chervona has played about 200 performances all over NW of America. Thousands of people from Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles watched, listened and danced to Chervona's music calling Chervona - Best NW Party Band!

Since 2008 Chervona is holding a monthly residency on every Last Thursday of the month at a legendary Portland venue, Alberta Public House with it's signature event Chervona Party!

In 2011, second monthly event was added to the calender - Chervona Secret Night on every second Saturday on a month at Secret Society Ballroom. Their second show in January 2011 at Secret Society was sold out and made a record for the clubs cocktail sales - the audience danced so hard that everyone got very thirsty.

As year 2011 is in progress, Chervona is focusing on producing new audio and video materials and establishing its e-net presence to gain more a solid fan base for the upcoming US and Europe tour and major label CD release.

Official Website:

Facebook Page: