Friday, September 29, 2023

Teddy Bear Orchestra


Glass Cameo

7 pm doors, 8 pm show

$15 advance, $20 day of show

All ages welcome

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Teddy Bear Orchestra

Teddy Bear Orchestra

"hiiiiiii! hiiiiiiii! hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! hi everybody!!!! do you like bears? i hope socuz we are bears!

our owners threw us away, that made us sooo sad. :(?so us bears got together and started a beary excellent band.we had a hard time trying to learn how to play our instruments until we met ournew orchestra leader.his name is Herr Konductor.he is kinda mean to us too sometimes :(?but we're working on making him nice with bear hugs and love and beootiful music but it's beary difficult cuz he's not nice and maybe the meanest conductor ever?

Well anyways, now we tour around and play shows! do you want to come and see us? well we're touring starting sept 28 2023 all over the usa so here's your chance!!! you'll find all the tour dates and social media and pictures at ok? ok

we've played with Parquet Courts and just played at John Waters' Mosswood meltdown in Oakland with Bratmobile and Le Tigre and gravy train....wowww it was so cool and Mr Waters introduced us omggggg. we also were in Shannon Shaws video for Freddie'sand teddies and we were the teddies!!!! it was super awesome!you should come to see us! we can all sing and dance together.that would be awesomeawesome awesomeok i gotta go drink some milk now!

come and see us and bring your teddy bear to the show plzzz!!!! ok?ok byeeeee! byeeeeee!!!! byyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!love butterscotch "






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Experience a slice of Portland history. What is now known simply as “the Mission” was originally home to the Swedish Mission Covenant congregation in the early 20th century, and despite its staid, buttoned up appearance, this place now hosts live music, video dance nights and special events on select nights each month. 


The location that serves as one of McMenamins favorite neighborhood theater pubs was the locus of great spiritual zeal beginning in the 1890s. That's when the Swedish Evangelical Mission established its church here....

From a church to a theater-pub to event space, the Mission's history ain't exactly saintly. Click here for more info!


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