Thursday, 08 June 2023

Perennial & K Presents:

Morgan and the Organ Donors and Daisies

6 pm doors, 7 pm show

11 advance or $15 day of show

All ages welcome

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About Morgan and the Organ Donors

Morgan and the Organ Donors

The M.O.D.s are rockers. There are many storied tales of bands discovered in some forgotten record crate but no such tales of one in such plain sight. Morgan and the Organ Donors have been playing almost exclusively at one lone Olympia bar every December for the last decade. Featuring Bikini Kill's Tobi Vail, COCO's Olivia Ness, and Famed Husband and Wife Team of James Maeda and Sara Peté,  their songs belong in the pantheon of Pacific Northwest Standbys such as the Wipers, Dead Moon, the Wailers.


From the minds that brought you CCFX, "What Are You Waiting For?", and Daisies "2" comes the 7th release from the purveyors of the electronic paisley underground, "Great Open Big Sky" Out MAY 12th Check out their latest single "Blue Cowboy"

Olympia, WA's Daisies feel like a band displaced from time, specifically the mid-'90s when indie bands all discovered jungle and drum-and-bass and started mixing jangly acoustics with amen breaks. (I'm talking Saint Etienne, Mint Royale and Dubstar.) Daisies call their sound "electronic paisley underground" which works, too.  As the soaring "Blue Cowboy" proves, it's still a potent combination. (Bill Pearis -Brooklyn Vegan)

Star Party

Star Party began in March 2020 as a Seattle living room project between Carolyn Brennan and Ian Corrigan (Gen Pop, Vexx) - both sharing a love of high energy rock n roll music. The idea to start a band percolated during trips to the high deserts of eastern Washington to pick sage and see the sun as a brief reprieve from the misty and gray Pacific Northwestern Spring. A few months later, Star Party released Demo 2020 on Feel It Records, featuring two originals and covers of The Shop Assistants' "Something to Do" and the classic "All I Really Wanna Do"

The Moving Pictures

Fake Books finds the Moving Pictures four years after their debut album with three less members and eight new songs. The long-anticipated LP from a group not known for a continuity of sound might surprise new listeners with its congruity and coherence in their most Traditional rock n roll output yet. Traditional in the sense of an exacting guitar tone as the ultimate guide. Traditional in that this iteration of M Pix consists only of one person, in this case a poet and his guitar. Through this lens we watch a reel of familiar concepts- flowers, books, loneliness- repeat themselves reverberated through the artist's singular voice. And while sparse, the songs are lush and expansive, every poem in strict adherence to a sonic landscape where the form is as important as the content and each belabored guitar tone feels like just another frame of the story. The story is not a happy one- it's a raw and solitary affair punctuated with steel guitar, synths and a 606. Such upbeats are necessitated when such a crushing narrative is laid bare in between tremolo caverns. There are no easy answers on this landscape, but instead when lent to repeated listens the sadness slowly morphs into pop music and the songs linger for long after the record is done.


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