Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Marcus Angeloni

Tevis Hodge Jr

Crystal Hotel - Al's Den

6:30 p.m. doors, 7 p.m. show

$10 advance, $10 at the doors

21 and over

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About Marcus Angeloni

Marcus Angeloni

With an emphasis on Americana Folk and Country music, Marcus Angeloni is a songwriter who brings new feeling to a familiar sound, weaving stories from today with old timey music to craft a beautiful tapestry of complimentary contradiction.
Marcus Angeloni strives to be progressive cathartic and true while carrying on the traditions of the music that has abetted his identity as a musician.

About Tevis Hodge Jr

Tevis Hodge Jr

Originally from Virginia, and inspired by his southern black heritage, Tevis began playing blues at the age of 12 years old. With a deep love for Black American music, Tevis is compelled to keep the traditions of his heritage alive.

Well versed in multiple blues idioms such as the Piedmont, Delta, Texas, urban and country blues styles, Tevis also dips into jazz, jug band, folk and even old timey novelty tunes. Tevis Hodge Jr's repertoire is an eclectic mix while his performance oozes with originality and passion. Adding his own flare to the songs he covers, he seamlessly presents original tunes that can mingle with the classics and stay true to the source.